Flash Count Diary Darcey Steinke 


Flash Count Diary by Darcey Steinke 
Hardback published by Canongate 

Menopause hit Darcey Steinke hard. First came hot flashes. Then insomnia. Then depression. 

As she struggled to understand what was happening to her, Steinke slammed up against a culture of silence and sexism. Some books promoted hormone replacement therapy. Others encouraged acceptance, but there was little that offered a path to understanding menopause in a constructive and liberating way. 
 Flash Count Diary, is a powerful and wide ranging exploration into aspects of menopause that have rarely been written about, including the changing gender landscape that reduced levels of hormones brings, the actualities of transforming desires, and the realities of prejudice against older women. It is a deeply feminist book, honest about the intimations of morality that menopause signals, but also an argument for the ascendancy, beauty and power of the post reproductive years in women’s lives.  


Flash Count Diary is a new story about the menopause. Every woman should read this Flash Count Diary. Most books are about how to get rid of hot flushes, but there’s nothing on the scientific and self help of menopause. This book goes into what happened to Darcey Steinke during the nights when hot flashes occurred. And what other remedies are out there on the market. The saddest thing is the terrible jokes that are said about menopause. One of the most interesting parts was when Darcey went to a conference centre in Amsterdam to learn about how women in other countries were treated during the change.



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Darcey Steinke is the daughter of a Lutheran minister. She grew up in upstate New York; Connecticut; Philadelphia; and Roanoke, Virginia. She is a graduate of Cave Spring High School, Goucher College, and the University of Virginia, where she received a Master of Fine Arts in creative writing. She also completed a Stegner Fellowship at Stanford University. 
Steinke teaches creative writing at Princeton University, the American University of Paris, and in the graduate programs at New School University and Columbia University. She previously taught at the University of Mississippi, where she was a writer-in-residence, and at Barnard College. Steinke lives in Brooklyn with her husband, the investigative journalist Michael Hudson, and her daughter Abbie.

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