The Arrival of Tavish the Tractor by Anne K Stewart 

Childrens Paperback published by Clink Street 

My thanks to @fayerogersuk for inviting me to be part of this important children’s book. 

I’m one hundred percent devoted to get young children to start reading and in all honesty The Arrival of Tavish the Tractor is a fabulous picture book with an exciting story. I do think that it’s so important to try to encourage young children to read and look at pictures inside the book as it helps them use their imagination and build a world of love of books.  I do hope that mothers and schools will buy this excellent well written and beautiful illustrated book. I loved the illustrations so much that were illustrated by Monika Filipina. This is Anne Stewart’s first book and I hope that Anne Stewart will write another soon. Oh bless, I did like the part especially where this book was dedicated for Anne Stewart’s grandsons. 

About the story 

It all started in the tractor factory. It was such a busy place building the tractors. The last thing to do was to paint the tractors and make them shiny, smart and ready to be sold. They were beautiful blue tractors. There were racy red tractors. 


About The Author Anne K Stewart  

Anne K Stewart is a retired teacher, who specialised in the pre-school sector. She is delighted to have been able to write something for her two young grandsons. The Arrival of Tavish the Tractor is her first book. Anne K Stewart lives in Aberdeen Scotland. 

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