Masks Nataly  Restokian Blog Tour 


Masks Fame Betrayal Passion by Nataly Restokian 

Paperback published by Tellwell Talent 

Thank you @fayerogersPr for inviting me to be part of the Masks blog tour 

Masks is a dark fictional tale, based on true-life events. It narrates the adventures of a young Armenian girl born in Lebanon in the seventies. She dreams of fame and power in Lebanon and the Arab world and shows resilience and motivation beyond her years. The novel delves into the world of the protagonist, Anna, who is surrounded by social, religious, and sexual taboos. She fiercely breaks the chains to enter the world she has strived to reach, in a seemingly conservative society barely emerging from a civil war. She builds her success on her remaining values, challenging her fate and sparing no way means to attain her goals.

Not only has Anna’s family survived the Armenian genocide, but her personal history as a rape survivor and witnesses to the Lebanese civil war has left a void in her heart that she tries to fill with decadent sexual adventures.

She lives in a world where a girl is worth only her virginity, where women do not dare ask for divorce, and where the fear of retribution keeps them locked in a cage that is rarely gilded.

As fame, money and power take their toll, Anna falls in love with a stranger from Quebec after a night of secret passion. Here her many worlds clash, and if she is to be happy. Anna realizes she must remove at least one of her masks and possibly sacrifice everything.


For something a little different from my usual review, I thought I would upload what made me not only just love this story, but what made me want to read on at a fast pace.


This is the beautiful design of a masks inside.

The preface part that interested me, rules  in wearing a masks.

First page grabbed my attention 

About the author Nataly Restokian

Natalie Restokian is the granddaughter of Armenian genocide survivors and was born and raised in Beirut, Lebanon. After nearly two decades as an actress, journalist, and television show host in Lebanon and across the Arab world, she got married nine years ago and settled down in Quebec, Canada.


10 thoughts on “Masks Nataly  Restokian Blog Tour 

  1. Courage will come , believe in yourself ,do not let anyone crush you ,one we remove our Masks we live happy and free .

    It had never been easy for me to remove my Masks but once I did it I’m happy . It takes time and I was so hesitant and scared , but not anymore .

    Hello to all the amazing bloggers ,I am unable to express my gratitude and joy for having my Novel “Masks”here .

    It is so thrilling to be here with you all.
    I can’t wait to connect with each and everyone of you .
    Many blessings to all
    It is better to be accepted by few without a Mask on then live our whole life wearing Masks and living a lie .


      1. It is an honour for me to visit your website appreciate what you’re doing and be thankful for your faith in my story .

        Stories can conquer minds , give hope to so many broken women like I was once yet love guided me it is never easy I love to inspire women as much as they inspire me .we are the new empire of the world Women and whoever embarrass and understand us are highly appreciated and they complete us.
        We should never give up .
        I chose to be myself everyone else is already taken

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  2. I loved the story. Very well written. Definitely has to be a tv series, that will be a big success… Nataly is a true inspiration for women. You knew these things happened to female celebrities in the Middle East. I am honoured to know Nataly, she is more than a friend, she is my family. Love her very much ❤️❤️💋💋💋


      1. Thank you so much I’ve already started working on my second novel and Masks is going to be audiobook end of November exclusive with amazon


  3. It’s a very bold story! specially for a female with Middle Eastern background. I can totally see this turn into a TV series.
    Thank you for sharing your story.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes I believe stories like Masks would be great to be watched on the tv screen I hope it will thank you so much


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