Demon’s Fire by Lee Cockburn 

Demon’s Fire is the third instalment in the crime thriller series featuring DS Taylor Nicks and DC Marcus Black. 

The City had barely settled back to normal when the sky turned orange as flames licked upwards and smoke billowed out from a quiet industrial estate in Edinburgh. Blood-curdling screams of those trapped within were muffled by the sound-proofed room as the women climbed desperately over one another to try and escape, their efforts futile against their prison walls, their captors slain where they sat, bullet holes in their heads. Human trafficking, prostitution, drug dealing, kidnapping, violence and murder hidden in plain sight in Edinburgh City Centre. Drug dealer Burnett’s grip on the city has no limits, and he will stop at nothing to ensure that remains the case. Nicks and Black struggle to secure evidence against him within the confines of the law, but an enemy of Burnett, hell-bent on revenge, doesn’t have to play by their rules. 


If you like Val McDermid then your love Lee Cockburn books.

A thrilling story of crime and retribution, good versus evil, Demon’s Fire will have you on the edge of your seat as the tentacles of despair take hold of your emotions. Hearts are broken and others mended as the tale gathers momentum, the lives of the officers forever entwined by fate.

I enjoyed reading Porcelain Flesh of Innocents so much that I decided to read next the third book in the crime series with DS Taylor Nicks and DC Marcus Black. 

Demon’s Fire is another page turner opening with the scenes of women being held prisoners in a warehouse in a quiet area of an industrial estate in Edinburgh. Sadly they were all used as slaves for men. I really felt for these women as the guards would rape these poor women. 

Someone sealed all the doors and fire exits and set the warehouse on fire. The scenes are drastic, with the guards and women who couldn’t escape. There is a part that made reminded me of prison break where two women do escape by a way that I’m keeping a secret as not to do a spoiler. But do the two women manage to escape alive from the burning hell? And will DS Taylor Nicks and DC Marcus find who is responsible for setting the building on fire?

This is a story of human trafficking, prostitution , drugs dealing, kidnapping, violence and murder. A novel not to be missed. 

I recommend Demon’s Fire, that is is a a page turning thriller story of crime. Here we have good versus evil. 

Other titles by Lee Cockburn 

Porcelain Flesh of Innocence 


Have some tissues close by you as the first few pages are very unsettling. It hard for me to get my head around the fact, Megan hated her kids from moment they were born. Her new boyfriend wasn’t interested in her only to violently sexually abuse her daughter. Reading about the mother’s boyfriend with his unhealthy desires filled me with tears and rage at the same time. In chapter 2 The trail once again filled me with the most saddest emotions. Detective Sergeant Taylor Nicks is back and in charge of tracking down a sadistic vigilante, with a penchant for torturing paedophiles, in this unsettling crime thriller. Porcelain Flesh of Innocents is the perfect next read for serious crime and police thriller fans.



Lee Cockburn has become one my favourite top crime thriller writers. So far I have read three of her amazing crime stories that had me trembling in fear bringing me some discomfort with the most chilling characters. 

I don’t think this author Lee Cockburn will be stuck for any further cruel and sinister characters to write about and I’m looking forward more episodes of books to unnerve me again.

I sensed the dread of a devil of a man who watched a young woman for weeks then gained entry into her bedroom and raped her to satisfy his deprived sexual appetite. It’s the scene from hell. DS Taylor Nicks and DC Marcus Black are called to this disturbing scene. Will DS Taylor Nicks be able to catch this evil monster before he targets another woman? So much more darker things happen in this plot that it will without doubt shock you all. 

In my view Lee Cockburn is up in the crime thriller charts just like Val McDermid. I have read many of Val McDermid books and I know that all Val McDermid fans will Love all of Lee Cockburn Books. 


I am mother of two wonderful boys, I have a beautiful civil partner called Emily. I am an ex Scottish international Rugby player gaining 77 caps for my country. I am a serving police sergeant in Edinburgh City. I started writing in 2009 after reading a very dull book, wanting to write a book, the way i’d Like to read one. My books are very graphic, containing scenes of violence and murder, with erotic interludes, interspersed with some typical cop humour. The overriding factor is good v’s evil, but I apologise that it takes a little too long in Devil’s Demise. I write as a hobby, because there is so little spare time in my little life and the boys come first. If you are eagerly awaiting book three, I have a wee bit to go, but i’m trying my best. Thank you for all your support. i look forward to revealing the third book in this series and I hope some questions will be answered for you, much love to all of you. 

Devil’s Demise and the sequel Porcelain Flesh of Innocents will have you on the edge of your seat, your heart filled with fear and emotions, then warmed with the love and passion. Sit back and enjoy the read. 

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