Families of Spies Brian Landers 


Families of Spies by Brian Landers 

Paperback published by RedDoor 

Julia Dylan’s aunt vanishes while sailing from Kefalonia to Syracuse in Sicily. Julia’s uncle, the head of Defence Intelligence, asks M16 to investigate but M16 has high priorities. The CIA have uncovered a Russian soy at a NATO airbase north of Syracuse. 

Julia and her new husband Thomas abandon their honeymoon and join the search. In Syracuse they encounter a suspiciously well-informed detective who is investigating the murder of an Iranian journalist.

Could it all be connected?

And could the connection go all the way back to an infamous Mafia massacre in 1947?

Yo unravel the mystery of Eveline Sadeghi’s death, Julia and Thomas Dylan must not just understand history, but families too, especially their own. 


Families of Spies is book 2, that’s another page turning spy, thriller fiction story. I read book 1 Awakening of Spies and was so impressed with this remarkable spy thriller I needed to read book 2. 

Any one of these spy thrillers can be read as a standalone, if you miss book 1 you can still read book 2. 

But following on from book 1 Awakening of Spies when Thomas meets Julia. When Thomas found himself working with Julia in Brazil he found himself a woman soulmate. Now years later Julia and Thomas are getting married. Julia’s families liked traditions, with morning suits, elaborate hats and a glittering reception in a marquee. The wedding feels like a top posh fairytale wedding with a glittering reception. 
I think it’s rather nice if the groom already knows one member of his brides family. Thomas knew Julia’s uncle Lord Grimspound as he was Thomas, boss. Lord Grimspound was appointed Director General of Defence Intelligence a year before Thomas joined. 

Now Thomas and Julia are blissfully happy married and on their honeymoon in Rome, with the sun shinin, what can possibly go wrong. In the hotel pigeonhole a message has been from Lord Grimspound was for them to phone him as soon as possible have changed your flights. Sadly when Julia phones her uncle she is told that her Aunt Eveline has disappeared sailing to Sicily and never arrived. Tragically Eveline Bunny Sadeghi’s was smiling happily as she sailed to her death. I couldn’t rest I had to know what really happened to Eveline. 

Plenty more in store for readers to discover inside this book, but I won’t say much more as I do it want to spoil your reading time.

It’s a really good experience choosing an author’s book that I have never heard of before and reading and reviewing their work , then finding out that with excitement I have a new author to look forward to reading in future. 

Families of Spies is absolutely brilliantly paced that grips you and thrills you from page one until the last page. 

 I have to recommend book 1 Awakening of spies and book 2 Families of spies as I never enjoyed a spy thriller set do much. And I know you will all become addicted to this spy thriller set as much as I have.



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