A Cornish Betrothal Nicola Pryce 


A Cornish Betrothal ( Cornish Saga) by Nicola Pryce 

Paperback published  5th November 2020 by Corvus Books

Cornwall 1798.

Eighteen months have passed since Midshipman Edmund Melville was declared missing, presumed dead, and Amelia Carew has mended her heart and fallen in love with a young physician, Luke Bohenna. But, on her twenty-fifth birthday, Amelia suddenly receives a letter from Edmund announcing his imminent return. In a state of shock, devastated that she now loves Luke so passionately, she is torn between the two.

When Edmund returns, it is clear that his time away has changed him – he wears scars both mental and physical. Amelia, however, is determined to nurse him back to health and honour his actions in the Navy by renouncing Luke.

But soon, Amelia begins to question what really happened to Edmund while he was missing. As the treads of truth slip through her fingers, she doesn’t know who to turn to: Edmund, or Luke? 

My review 

The first thing I noticed when reading A Cornish Betrothal is how extremely well it has been written. Author Nicola Pryce takes you right there amid the atmosphere. 

What’s to love is how you can feel you know what their homes are like with rooms like the drawing room, the big Hall, their grand clothes, gowns, and their jewellery with dancing balls, it truly takes you a through a masterpiece story that’s been well adapted with a multiple of characters voices . 

At the beginning of the book there is an entrance to al the characters of family tree and where they live, including the vibrant people who keep the day to day running of all properties. 

My favourite line was Papa put down his glass. He was wearing his adored red felt cap and woollen house-coat. A Cornish Betrothal will appeal to a wide audience that love reading stories with some history involved. My favourite character has to be Amelia Carew, also she is Aunt Amelia, with a birthday with a present from her nephews. 

I have tried not to give out any spoilers for those of you who are addicted to reading books by Nicola Pryce, or who would like to start reading them. 

I hope you all enjoy reading A Cornish Betrothal like I did! 

This just gets better, Nicola Pryce has a set of fiction books out so you might find one that you are passionate about reading. 

A Cornish Betrothal 

The Cornish Dressmaker ( I’d love to read this one) 

The Cornish Lady ( this is another one I want to read) 



Nicola Pryce trained as a nurse at St Bartholomew’s Hospital in London. She loves both literature and history, and has an Open University degree in Humanities. She’s a qualified adult literacy support volunteer and lives with her husband in the Blackdown Hills in Somerset, UK. She and her husband love sailing and together they sail the south coast of Cornwall in search of adventure.

‘Pengelly’s Daughter’ is her first novel, then The Captain’s Girl, The Cornish Dressmaker and The Cornish Lady. A Cornish Betrothal will be pushed in November 2020. 

Nicola is a member of the Romantic Novelists’ Association and The Historical Writers Association.

Follow her on :


https://www.pinterest.co.uk/nic .

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