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Chameleons By Onyx Gold 
Paperback published  17th March 2020 on a Amazon £14.99 by Cayelle publishing  Family, revenge, murder, and passion spearhead this twisty steamy plot that follows ambitious young literary agent, Zia Lennox, as she makes daring professional moves in the big flashy literary world. She suffers anxiety in her personal life until she meets a wholesome southern attorney named Bryce, who properly courts her. But when she excavates an intriguing query from author Baxter Leopold, she finds herself becoming hopelessly addicted to his Chiseled Bone crime book series, and is soon smitten.

Both men are wealthy, overseeing the two largest conglomerates in the country. One lights a scorching fire inside of her, satisfying her in exciting and foreign ways that she’s otherwise neglected. The other takes care of her heart and betters her in all of the most perfect ways. 

As stakes reach their heart-pounding precipice, Zia must choose, but when she tries to break things off with one of them, she’s manipulated psychologically and emotionally. Torrid, fulfilling sex blinds her to a reality staring her right in the face until it’s nearly too late.

My review 

I adore the sexy front cover, yes I want you , I need you ! Yes I need more. Chameleons is a new page turning romantic suspense. If you love reading mills and Boon novels like I do your in for a treat reading Chameleons. House work will have to wait as it won’t get done, because once you start reading this sexy passionate story you won’t stop. I loved all the characters, but was just like Zia I torn between the two men in Zia Lennon romance world.

Literary agent Zia is in a loving trance after meeting attorney Bryce on  his first day which she has an engaging romp with. 

But games up when she is taken by a want to be crime book author Baxter Leopald who wants Zia to publish it. Zia liked of Baxter’s novel after reading part of it, …More body parts of an unidealised woman has been discovered along the Hudson River this morning. NYPD have yet to release any further details regarding the discovery and whether this is in any way related to the remains discovered in Long Island Sound just last week.

Zia couldn’t wait to read more and to meet the man himself Baxter Leopold. When finally she meets wannabe author Baxter, she finds herself spinning into another hot passionate climax breathessly Zia, has been sucked up with Baxter Leopold. A reckless situation is stirring, who will Zia Lennon be wholly committed too now, Bryce or budding author Baxter? 

I highly recommend Onyx Gold as new talent for this new hot sexy romance, that I hope Onyx will write plenty more sexy stories. 

Another reason to order Chameleons from is its one of the best publishing companies to order from as they take pride in packing orders with care!

About author Onyx Gold

Onyx Gold is a writer of all-things romantic suspense. The stories Onyx writes are primarily imitations of life with extreme twists. Onyx’s debut title, Chameleons, is the first in a tantalizing, unexpected trilogy.

I would like to thank Kelly at lovebooksgroup for inviting me to be part of the blog tour and for arranging the paperback to be sent to me.

I would also like to say a special huge thank you to for sending me my paperback Chameleons and loads of goodies all carefully wrapped up in pretty black and gold wrapping paper with

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