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Paperback published  15th October 2020 by Red Door Books 

When 19-year old Theodora Quirke heads to work on Christmas Eve, the last person she expects to find out side her flat is St Nicholas of Myra the saint people think is Santa Clause much to St Nick’s disgust. Given he is in full Santa suit and professing to be nearly 2000 years old. Thesis wary, but St Nick insists he is there to save her  although he isn’t sure how or why.

St Nick does know that Theo is grieving however, so he knows her four scenes from her life that gives her hope, but he’s also had cryptic from the Christmas Higher Powers that lead him to begin Theo’s training as the first ever female Christmas Angel a role Theo is not sure she is cut out for.

The training is soon derailed by St Nick’s evil brother, filled with jealousy and spite over his brother’s popularity and, with confidence dented, and saddened by society’s spiralling levels of expectation and greed. St Nick begins to falter.

Theo does everything she can to defeat the evil brother and to lift St Nick’s spirits but as the deadline for Christmas miracles draws close, she realises she must complete them herself but is she up to the job?

My review 

The latest novel from the author Caroline Smailes The Drowning of Arthur Braxton film is coming in the Autumn 2020.

A Christmas Carol meets stranger things funny, sweaty and moving festive story. 

As I born 3 days before Christmas I absolutely love reading Christmas novels. I normally read the romantic Christmas stories, so reading this funny quirky book made an awesome refreshing change. 

Do you believe in Christmas magic ? Do you believe in miracles? Well this will be a memorising Christmas story that I won’t forget.

There’s an element of attraction with Santa Clause, with a difference. Nineteen year old Theodora Quirke know as Theo for short, on Christmas Eve thinks she has met Santa Clause, but he is Nikolaos of Myra, commonly known as St Nicholas. Extraordinary  once it was Christmas Eve, now magically she has travelled back in time, getting back to her family. 

I loved the Christmas fantasy escapism with not knowing where this story will take me and surprisingly up to the last page. 

I recommend The Unwrapping of Theodora Quirke by Caroline Smailes as the author is right on her top of her game with this unusual fantastic Christmas fantasy with St Nicholas and Theodora Quirke. 

I  would like to thank Lizzie at Red Door Books for sending me an early proof copy paperback to read and review and for inviting me to be part of the blog tour today and for very kindly sending me some delicious sweets with lovely words in a Christmas card the same as the pretty book cover.

About author Caroline Smailes 

Caroline Smailes worked as a lecture for several years before turning her hand to fiction in 2005. The unwrapping of Theodora Quirke is her seventh novel. She lives in Liverpool with her husband and their children. She can be found at



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