Oxygen Sacha Naspini review


Translated by the Italian by Clarissa Botsford

Paperback published by Europa Editions 20th May 2021

ISBN : 9781787702943

Available to buy on amazon


What would you do if one day you found out that the person who raised you is a monster?

In 199, eight-year-old Laura disappears into thin air. Fourteen years later she is discovered living imprisoned in a metal container.

Luca is having dinner with his father when they are interrupted by a visit from the carabinieri. Lucas watches on helplessly as his father is taken away.

The charges brought against his father, the esteemed anthropologist Carlo Maria Balestri are extremely grave multiple accounts of abduction, torture,murder, and concealing his victim’s bodies.

How do you talk to a daughter who is a survivor of fourteen years of isolation? How do you go on living knowing that your father is a psychopath?

The hell Balestri created does not end with his arrest.


This book is a chilling profound study of the legacy of evil. It left me shocked and sad for Lucas.

This story tells how 29 year-old Lucas is wrecked, grieving for his mother who has died and little does he know that there is more upset to follow. His father hires a housekeeper, who Lucas takes an instant dislike to. One evening while they are eating dinner the Carabinieri enter the house and arrest his 59 year-old father for the abduction, torture, murder, and concealing his victims bodies.

Lucas not entirely convinced his father could commit anything like what he has been arrested for, as Lucas can remember wanting to be a pilot and his father buying him model air craft.

Everything will change in Lucas life if his father is committed for these horrific crimes.

I have read so many stories of a girl being locked in a cage somewhere, but not one like this , the whole story is really a splendid new fictional step-up!

Frightened eight year old Laura has been locked up in a metal container that is like an iron cage and fears of her abductor every time he enters the room. The monster kept her there until she was rescued fourteen years later, where during that time being locked up from such a young age was embarrassed going through the personal things of womanhood alone in front of only a horrible man who wouldn’t let her go home.

When Laura returns home, I expected joy and happiness from Laura, finally seeing her parents again, and I assumed that equally her parents would have excited having their daughter back home. But with Laura being locked up for far too long it has caused major problems.

You may not have heard of this author Sacha Naspini but this is my honest truth it is one of the most exciting books about a young girls abduction, that I have ever read it’s such a clever story, and will stay with me for ever.

This tops my list of best reads.

Please go read Oxygen by Sacha Naspini !


Sacha Naspini was born in Grosseto in 1976, he is an editor, art director and screen writer, as well as being the author of several novels and short stories. Oxygen is his English language debut.

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