See what I Can Do ! Jon Roberts review

See What I Can Do ! By Author Jon Roberts Illustrations By Hannah Rounding

Paperback published 22nd June 2021 by

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Every child is different. Some are loud, they love talking and showing off. Others are quite and like to be on their own. Some have differences that you can see, while others have differences that may not be so obvious. We are all unique. We all have our own lives, our own dreams, and our own talents. Let’s see what we can do.

The book See What I can do is about children with disabilities. Each child character with a different disability has a different name. The topics of disabilities include autism, dyslexia, dyspraxia, dyscalculia, ADHD, Down’s syndrome, cystic fibrosis, muscular dystrophy, cerebral palsy, spina bifida, epilepsy, asthma.


My favourite part of the story is about children that are deaf, as I’m slightly deaf in one ear, but I don’t need to wear a hearing aid.

I became slightly deaf in one ear at the age of 9. I had an ear infection where it was running down my neck, losing my balance and I couldn’t walk or stand. When I was a young girl I had the TV up loud to hear, but as my mum didn’t realise I was slightly deaf she would turn the TV down so I began to lip read. Thankfully now to subtitles I always have subtitles on TV so the television doesn’t have to be up loud.

No one would know that I’m slightly deaf in one ear because my speech is not effected.

I can hear normal with a few people in the room. However I don’t go to book events as I fear I won’t hear every one in a large group.

I do find it difficult to hear my mum and daughter in the back of the car with the noise of the car, but I can hear my partner sitting next to me driving. I normally walk on someone’s right side so my good left ear, picks up what is being said.

I also find it difficult to hear some people and members of staff as we have adapted to wearing masks.

I recommend buying this book for your child as the whole story is very special as it teaches young children to kind to other children that suffer from a form of disability and to be friends with them play with them too.

My favourite story in the book is on page 25.

Hearing with your eyes.

The school bell rings, and the children go into the gym to play basketball.

MaryAnn, Anthony and Louis walk at the front of the line. That way they can look back and see people talking. All three have hearing loss. That means they have difficulty hearing the world around them.

“When I was very young, I used a hearing aid, ” said MaryAnn. ” I learned to talk, too. Now I am totally deaf, so I use sign language. I make shapes with my hands to talk to other people.”

Anthony touches his hearing aid. “Sometimes, my friends talk too fast. They get mad when I ask them to repeat themselves. I wish they would talk clearly and slowly and not scream at me.”

Louis nods. “When I first started school, I had a hard time. People thought I was being rude, and not paying attention. Then the doctor realised I was deaf in one ear. I’ve learned that if you speak clearly and face me, I can read your lips.”

“I’m glad we are able to walk at the front of the line,” says MaryAnn. ” That way we can see people’s lips. When people don’t talk in front of me, I get very sad. I cannot join in the fun. It makes me happy when we play together and I can understand what people are saying.”

I would like to thank graffeg books for sending a copy of this special book to read and review.

Jon Roberts is the author of two previous titles from Graffeg, Through the Eyes of Me and Through the Eyes of Us, two picture books illustrated by Hannah Rounding which are based on the life experiences of his daughter Kya, who has severe autism, and introducing children to the condition and the nuances of Kya’s character.

Hannah Rounding is a freelance artist and illustrator based in Cardigan, West Wales. Hannah uses art as a tool to improve personal and community wellbeing, with experience working in the UK charity sector and over 10 years working within International Development, while her freelance work combines a wide variety of community arts projects alongside commissioned illustration work. Her work with Graffeg includes illustrations for the picture books Through the Eyes of Me and Through the Eyes of Us, the previous two titles by Jon Roberts, and What Can You See? by Jason Korsner.

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