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Production photos of Hamilton at the Victoria Palace Theatre, London by Matthew Murphy George III production Limited

Hamilton and me isa unique behind-the-scenes account of preparing for, rehearsing and performing in one of the most important cultural phenomena of our time.

When Lin-Manuel Miranda’s groundbreaking musical Hamilton opened in London’s West End in December 2017, it was as huge a hit as it had been in its original production off- and on Broadway. Lauded by critics and audiences alike, the show would go on to win a record-equalling seven Olivier Awards – including Best Actor in a Musical for Giles Terera, for his portrayal of Aaron Burr.

For Terera, though, his journey as Burr had begun more than a year earlier, with his first audition in New York, and continuing through extensive research and preparation, intense rehearsals, previews and finally opening night itself. Throughout this time he kept a journal, recording his experiences of the production and his process of creating his award-winning performance. This book, Hamilton and Me, is that journal.

It offers an honest, intimate and thrilling look at everything involved in opening a once-in-a-generation production – the triumphs, breakthroughs and doubts, the camaraderie of the rehearsal room and the moments of quiet backstage contemplation – as well as a fascinating, in-depth exploration of now-iconic songs and moments from the musical, as seen from the inside. It is also deeply personal, as Terera reflects on experiences from his own life that he drew on to help shape his acclaimed portrayal.

Illustrated with dozens of colour photographs, many of which are shared here for the first time, and featuring an exclusive Foreword by Lin-Manuel Miranda, this book is an essential read for all fans of Hamilton – offering fresh, first-hand insights into the music and characters they love and know so well – as well as for aspiring and current performers, students, and anyone who wants to discover what it really felt like to be in the room where it happened.


This is an absolute fabulous journal, the best journal I have ever read!!

Wow! What an amazing opportunity to look inside how rehearsals are adapted and how actor Giles Terera became to log every thing.

Giles Terera was blessed to have been offered the part of Aaron Burr in Hamilton on his fortieth birthday.

When Giles was thirteen years old his mother took them to Africa and she told Giles to keep a journal and write down everything that he sees or hears and what it feels like. This is how he came to start writing journals. He always then kept a diary, writing notes with what he was seeing and hearing and his feelings. And this is how the journey of his journal began.

When he began to work on Lin-Manuel Miranda’s musical Hamilton in the West End he made notes as he researched the role of Aaron Burr, and as he rehearsed the show and then performed it at the Victoria Palace Theatre. The fact is that the journal that Giles was writing during his time through Hamilton, it wasn’t in mind to be published.

I really would like to see Hamilton. The Hamilton musical is so popular that in fact my daughter knows of an American actress who really wants to be in Hamilton.

I’m amazed that rehearsals for a musical takes between four to six weeks inside a rehearsal studio.

Giles is often asked the question why is Hamilton so extraordinary. What’s the secret?

This book is amazing from start to finish. I do hope you will all enjoy reading Giles Terera’s adventure into how he became to get the part in Hamilton as I enjoyed reading this fabulous journal it’s one I’m most proud of and keep looking at on my book shelf.

I would like to thank Midas for my beautiful proof paperback copy of Hamilton and Me An Actor’s Journal. I have have has such an incredible time reading it.


Hamilton and Me An Actor’s Journal is published by Nick Hern books which is the UK’s leading theatre publishers and performing rights agent.


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