Getaway Rod Humphris review


Paperback published by Rat’s Tales 17th June 2021

140 pages

ISBN : 9781838392000

First you save my life, then you bring me here.

Susana Chesterfield recently rescued from a gang of slave traders by Simon Ellice, has come sailing with him to try to work out what to do with her life. And perhaps to find out whether the handsome, selfish, bastard should be part of it. They drop anchor in a bay on the island of Cavallo and are welcomed into the warm southern hospitality of Andria Acquaviv and his family. Susie’s heart is touched by Lesia, the little girl who plays with her dog in the sand and Lucia, her unhappy widowed mother. She wants to help them, but can she? Dare she interfere? And if she does, will the deceptively relaxed and easy going Si back her?

Si, who knows exactly what kind of businessman Andria is is wondering if what he sees means what he thinks it means, that death is coming as swiftly and surely as the sun nears the sea.


This book Getaway is a lovely short story of 128 pages that can be read in a day. It’s full of some lovely sketches, of the girl with her dog and boats, with many other pictures that match the description of the story as each part unfolds.

I haven’t read any of the other Simon Ellie books by Rod Humphris, but this book Getway can read as a standalone.

Susie rescued a young french girl named Lesia who has fallen with her canoe in the sea by some rocks and has hurt her knee? The little girls grandfather arrives to collect his granddaughter and is very grateful for susie’s help, with inviting Susie and Si for an evening meal at his villa.

When Susie and Si are having an evening meal by request of Andria they meet his family. Susie becomes touched by the little girl, Lesia that Susie saved in the sea, who plays happily with her dog, and Susie can tell that the girl’s mother, Lucia is unhappy. Susie wants to help Lucia and Lesia but she doesn’t know how. I didn’t see the ending of this story that ends up with a murder.

About Author Rod Humphris

In his office you will find Rod typing, flanked by two enormous dogs, and surrounded by the ephemera he has collected on his travels. 

“I always read. Since I can remember. First Asterix, then Willard Price, then Conan Doyle, then everything else. I’ve had a paperback jammed into my back pocket most days of my life. I remember wanting to write a book when I was about 12 and wanting to put everything into it”

“I’ve read every kind of book, but the ones I love most are stories of adventure, so that’s what I write. I’ve put thousands of hours into learning to do it well. It’s taken me a long time, but I’ve developed my own voice and my own style. I spend so much time with Si, my main character, that he seems as real to me as anyone I know. In some cases, more so. I’m happiest and most productive when travelling about in my battered old truck with a canoe on top and a dog in the back.”

Winner of N. N. Light Best Fiction Award 2016

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