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The Interview Chain By Lynn Farley-Rose

Publication Day 30th June 2021 by Holland House

Page Count : 290 pages

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Everyone has something interesting to say if you take the time to listen. 

The Interview Chain is a series of conversations—each interviewee was asked to nominate someone they admire as the next link.

Starting from a casual conversation on a boat on the Thames, the chain wended its way for over 23,000 miles, alighting on three continents and gathering up personal perspectives on issues that really matter in the world today.

The interviewees include a theatre director, a rabbi, a philanthropist, a sculptor, a New York Mayoral candidate, a pioneering documentary maker, and a man who rescues giant trees. 

Some have worked in challenging places—Kabul in the time of the Taliban, a Romanian orphanage, immigration detention centres, remote Indian villages—while others have found themselves caught up in extraordinary situations such as the Rwandan genocide, the Ferguson uprising, and the UN Climate Change Negotiations.


My first thoughts were when I saw the title The Interview Chain, is that it was an unusual title. I was really inquisitive with not really having a clue what to expect.

Well I love surprises to see where an unique book will take me. As soon as I started reading I thought this just the kind of book that I’m going to love, because it’s fresh of the page, nothing like this book has ever been done before.

Lynn Farley-Rose explains how she hit on the idea to name her book The Interview Chain and where she was on observing people.

I found this book really interesting as I love watching the morning shows where presenters interview, an ordinary person with a story to tell or reading a magazine about the lives of ordinary people or if they do a special job. And Lynn Farley-Rose has built her book upon the most interesting, intelligent people that she has met and interviewed.

The reason it’s called The Interview Chain, is that she had, hit on an impressive idea where Lynn would interview one person, that will lead to another person that would be linked to the first person.

For example the first person Lynn interviews is a smart woman Kristi who is an artist, who uses art to communicate messages about climate change and other environmental issues. And Kristi explains about her very first Kew project that was The Incredible Edible Tea Party with a difference that I won’t spill, but it had a fabulous Alice in Wonderland feel to it.

Lynn has a lovely set of questions and answers to Kirsti. And because Kristi was interested in environmental education this leads Lynn Farley-Rose to interview a lady named Megan who is a climate change campaigner and researcher.

Then Megan passed Lynn on to Mala who Megan first met at university but are now housemates.

And here this true-life interview takes on a special lead with each person that is interviewed recommends to Lynn Farley-Rose her next person up for an interview. The whole book is very interesting with links to all the interviewees website or the ones that have published books of their own.

I recommend this paperback The Interview Chain to anyone who likes to read about true-life interesting things that people do.

I would like to thank Zoe and Holland Books for sending me The Interview Chain to read and review and for inviting me to take part in the blog tour today.

About author Lynn Farley-Rose

It was while she was working on her PhD in developmental psychology that Lynn became fascinated by what people do to cope when things gets tough.

Her first book, 31 Treats And A Marriage, was a personal account of reconnecting with life after years as a wife and mother, when everything was overturned by unforeseen calamities.

This led her to wonder about other people’s stories, particularly on the question of where people find strength and inspiration. In writing The Interview Chain she talked to many remarkable people, each of whom had wise words to share about the human world—about things that help to make it a kinder and more connected place. 

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