Immortal Seduction Adam Nicke Review


Immortal Seduction By Adam Nicke

The Paperback was published 5th May 2021 and is available to buy on Amazon

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Cassandra Wyvern wants to be seduced. Her uncouth partner, Simeon Danton, has made it obvious that he’s only with her until someone better comes along. Her friend suggests manifesting such a man, neither realising that she was about to visit an apothecary shop hidden deep in ancient woodland on the England/Wales border or that its owner, the occultist Lucius d’Orleans a man born in the 11th century was about to enter her life.

Strangely drawn to Lucius, he tells her that they have been lovers twice before first when she was a courtesan in the 18th century Paris, then again in 1890, when she was murdered by her jealous husband after he found out about their affair. Lucius has since spent more than a century waiting for her.

Smitten with Lucius, when she visits him again his derelict and overgrown shop appears new, as she has slipped through time and is now in the year 1891, a year after her previous incarnation was murdered. Her returning to Lucius has made him appear youthful again and soon they resume their passionate and uninhabited sex life.

But Simeon Danton has followed her and has vowed to win her back, even if it kills him and strange things happen when a man dies an unnatural death a century before he was born.


This book is published by Adam Nicke, alone, that makes this book one big achievement to admire.

Adam Nicke is an extremely talented author who spins a tale like no other author I have known, that includes steamy hot romance that takes place during lockdown, that collide with a magical time travel and death.

Without really knowing each other well, Cassandra Wyvern does the most extraordinary thing, she gives up her place and moves in with Simeon during lockdown. All Cassandra desperately wants is for her partner Simeon to seduce her in a hot sexy fashion.

The author likes piling on surprises. Everyone has secrets and Cassandra also one big one, she likes her friend Anna too where they both have hot saucy passionate sex together.

I didn’t have any respect for Cassandra’s partner Simeon Danton, he only wants Cassandra until he finds another woman. He’s a bossy man, who speaks to Cassandra as he pleases.

When Simeon has had enough of Cassandra he orders Cassandra to leave his place for good. But I really was hoping that Simeon would change his mind and love Cassandra for ever, and they would live together happy ever after.

Little did Cassandra know that she would meet an occultist Lucius d’Orleans who used to run a shop, that was born in the 11th century and she steps back in times to eighteen ninety one, leaving her old life from her partner and Anna behind her.

Cassandra has a shock when Lucius tells her they were together twice before in the 18th century. And in the past she was murdered.

I do love the happy ever after, so how I thought it would end it didn’t happen, for Cassandra and Simeon, but the ending did give me a big surprise that I didn’t see coming. This is totally my kind of book that kept me guessing what’s going to happen next.

My eyes flicked wide open at the last chapter, being taken by surprise at the final ending that I just didn’t see appearing.

My final thoughts, I do hope Adam Nicke will write another hot romance novel.

I absolutely recommend Immortal Seduction as it’s writing is sexy, fresh, totally unique that’s easy to imagine the atmosphere in every chapter, and has a brilliant twist throughout, that readers will love.

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Grim Fairy Tales

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About Author Adam Nicke

Adam Nicke is a clever writer that writes about

Adam Nicke was born and raised in South Wales and has resided in the small border town of Chepstow since he was a teenager.

In his early twenties he made clothes for a living, with one of his clients being Wayne Hussey of The Mission.

He graduated from the University of the West of England in 1995 with a B.A (Hons.) in Literary Studies, the same year the first edition of his Grim Fairy Tales was published.

Fate took a nasty turn in the following years until finally, in 2015, he collapsed with what was subsequently diagnosed as a tennis ball-sized brain tumour. Mary Shelley died of a brain tumour and new research has posited the theory that Edgar Allan Poe may have also suffered from the condition.

Adam Nicke is a democratic socialist and a vegan. He is also proud to be the great-grandson Herbert Tagg, a member of The International Brigade and a man who died fighting the evil of fascism at the Battle of Jarama in 1937.

You can find author Adam Nicke on

This is the most complete article on what happened to me as they let me write It:

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