Her New Best Friend Penny Batchelor Review

Her New Best Friend By Penny Batchelor

Paperback published by RedDoor 5th August 2021

A new Mother

A new start

A new friend

When mum-of-two Audrey is helped out by a stranger in the park she is relieved that Claire was there to step in.

However, relief turns to alarm as Claire becomes increasingly possessive, and when a catastrophic event occurs her new best friend is on hand once again.

But does Claire really have Audrey’s best interest at heart?



After reading Her new best friend, author Penny Batchelor has become my favourite author.

Her new best friend is a twisting tale, one that I must recommend to read it now. I fully enjoyed every page. Once I started reading I couldn’t stop, I read it over a few days finding impossible to put down.

My couple of days reading I was literally taken in by Audrey and Claire that are two completely different women, with very different personalities and lifestyles good or bad!

Penny Batchelor’s first book, was My Perfect Sister, with after reading a few pages at the back book in Her new best friend, I so want to read My Perfect Sister.

When Audrey takes her young daughter Antonia and baby Wilfred out, Antonia runs off, Audrey put the brake on the pram, and rushes off leaving the Pram with Wilfred in, to get Antonia, but when she returns the pram is not there it’s in the pond.

Lucky a young lady Claire rescued Wilfred dry and safe, with Claire pulling the pram out of the pond.

Audrey may not have put the brake on fully or did she ? This is a secret that she must keep. what would her husband say if he found out, Wilfred might have drowned.

As a way of thanking Claire for rescuing Wilfred, Audrey gives Claire her number thinking that Claire won’t call her anyway.

But to Audrey’s surprise Claire phones Audrey to say Wilfred’s toy was under the table in the cafe. Audrey arranges to meet up Claire to get Wilfred’s favourite toy back.

I was beginning to think that Claire was stalking Audrey, the minute she first pulled Wilfred to safety out of the pram from the pond.

I had a feeling that Audrey did put the brake on with my thoughts leading with suspicion that Claire took the break off the pram.

After an evening out together, Claire called a taxi and knew Audrey’s address. How did Claire know Audrey’s address ? Audrey was sure she didn’t give it to Claire.

My thoughts of who was stalking Audrey took another turn when a man with a dog was watching Audrey in a drunken state get out of her taxi to her front door.

At first Audrey was happy to go out with Claire, a few times in a way of thanking her saving her son’s life.

But I think Audrey made the big mistake giving Claire her number. Claire keeps phoning Audrey, with invites to go places together, with Audrey and her two children.

Life is different for Audrey, she is happily married and a busy mother of two. She is not the twenty something wanting to go out every evening.

The voice of Audrey changes!

I was so glad when Audrey adopts a firm voice putting off Claire’s invites as she has become rather to clingy and Audrey has other commitments.

But Claire doesn’t take no for an answer taking it upon herself to start dropping by Audrey’s family home unannounced, infuriating Audrey.

Claire’s voice changed towards Audrey with a catastrophic event that appears out of nowhere.

I had a bad feeling about Claire from as soon she appeared in Audrey’s life. I just had that feeling deep down inside me that Claire was up to something, but I didn’t know what. I was shocked at reading all about Claire’s life before she entered Audrey and her husband’s and children’s home.

Her new best friend is one of those psychological thrillers books that catches you from the first page and keeps the exciting nerve jangling, controlling reading right up to the very end! The author Penny Batchelor is an author I will be keeping a look out for her next book.



Penny Batchelor is an alumna of the Faber Academy online ‘Writing a Novel’ course, a freelance journalist, a former BBC content producer and website editor for various educational institutions, and lives in Warwickshire with her husband. She writes a monthly column for The Bookseller magazine.

You can visit penny Batchelor on her website


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I would like to thank RedDoor for sending me this exciting new novel to read and review.

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