Two Truths Dana Carver blog tour #TwoTruths @zooloo2008 @DanaCCarver

Published 16th October 2020

Page Count : 424 pages

Amazon UK,

After the mysterious death of her husband, Renee Morgan is determined to protect her three daughters, forcing her to face a history she has spent a lifetime avoiding. Groomed by her father to join the most elite of secret societies, Brett knows she is destined for something great. But her ambition demands a high price.Sara is ready to avenge her father at any cost. When she finds herself swept up in conspiracies and family secrets, her search for answers uncovers a primeval power.Hadley watched her father die and now he won’t leave her alone. Guided by his ghost, she begins to experience memories of past lives.As the journeys of Renee, Brett, Sara and Hadley converge, two Truths are revealed that change everything they knew about themselves and the world they live in.


I loved this novel with its short chapters introducing each family member. This book was a special one to me as I love reading about fictional families with obstacles in their way. But this one family took me on a total in depth story that is full of consequences and sacrifice with an action packed flair of fantasy.

And this family has plenty of obstacles in their pathway to reveal all would give a lot of the story away.

Renée was first told that she will have three daughter’s. All of them will be different. The first one will dangerous and bright with fire, burning anything feebler than she. The second girl will be unpredictable, weak in integrity and dramatic like water out of a floodgate. And the third daughter will be as soft and light as the wind, so buoyant you’ll struggle to touch her, so wise you won’t understand her.

That was certainly true each one of Renée‘s daughters Brett, Hadley and Sara had their own personalities.

To seventeen year old Sara, Brett, is a bitch and was dad’s favourite. And Hadley was small for her age at thirteen.

Sara’s dad is murdered, but before he died he wanted the family to move to New Zealand and she knew it wasn’t for he was afraid of something, running away from something, and he knew that they would be safer in New Zealand. The big question is who was Sara’s dad running away from. This novel is going to go deeper and deeper into this families life’s.

This a special story with multiple dialogue, styles, several historical references and reincarnated characters.

I recommend this book as I was left in shock how Sara’s dad died and it will send you all on a long journey with many tests as you make your way towards the goal of truth!

I would like to thank Zoe for sending me the book and for inviting me to be part of the blog tour.

About Dana C Carver

Dana C Carver was born in 1972 in Columbus, Ohio. 

She wrote her first book at seven years old and won the school’s “super writer” award, and has been writing ever since. She has a degree in psychology with a minor in creative writing from the University of Cincinnati and did her post-graduate studies in physiology at Portland State University.

Currently, she works as a program manager and coach, helping organizations to implement and evaluate change initiatives. She is the Chair of the Good Programmes Trust, home of the award-winning GoodYarn program, which has seen nearly 7000 people educated in mental health and wellness. 

Previously, she owned her own coaching and training studio, which operated for over a decade serving nearly 400 clients. She now lives on a Dairy farm in the South Island of New Zealand with her husband, Tony, and is blessed with three step-children, a foster daughter and two grand-daughters

You can connect with her on Twitter, Facebook and her website.

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