Albert and the Wind Ian Brown



Albert the pet tortoise is having a bad day. His sleep is disturbed by the wind in the trees and then, as he goes to tuck into his food, the wind blows it away. Can the other garden creatures rally round and help Albert retrieve his meal? Will Albert be able to thank them properly? Comical, charming illustrations bring this timeless tale to life, revealing the importance of helping others and showing gratitude for that help.

Also includes fascinating facts about the real tortoise called Albert, who inspired this story, a modern-day min-dinosaur living life on the veg!


I read the the first book Albert Upside Down, now I’m hooked into Albert the tortoise series.

What makes this series so special is that Albert is a real tortoise that these adventure stories are based on.

Albert and the Wind, shows how friends can be really do nicest things for you.

Albert’s food gets blown away by the wind. When Albert sets off to find his food , he meets one by one his creature friends, who one by one have come along to give Albert his food back .

But before Albert can say thank you to his friends for giving him his food back, they quickly have a reason to set off .

I’m really enjoying the books about Albert, so I hope there will be another adventure soon.

Albert the tortoise are a beautiful collection that children will love to read about and start collecting all the series. And in the back of the book are very interesting educational facts all about Albert and his cousin.

Albert the tortoise will bring so much joy to children. This book is perfect to all read together, or for the favourite bedtime story.

I’m truly grateful to Graffeg for sending me these beautiful books to read and review 💚


Ian Brown is a London-based writer and producer for television and former journalist. His TV credits include The South Bank Show, This Is Your Life, Top Gear, entertainment shows and documentaries. He has written or produced for the likes of Pierce Brosnan, Harrison Ford, Simon Cowell, George Lucas, Liam Neeson, Martin Scorsese, Jamie Oliver and Homer Simpson among many others. The Albert series are his first book titles for children.


Eoin Clarke has worked for thirty years in the animation industry as a director, animator and storyboard artist – his directorial work across films, commercials and documentaries has garnered thirty awards. Clients include the BBC, Channel 4, BFI, and Ray Harryhausen, as a storyboard artist, as well as animation for the opening titles of popular TV series with Harry Hill and Mortimer & Whitehouse: Gone Fishing. The Albert series are his first illustrated books. He lives in London.


Albert, who inspired these adventures, was rescued more than fifty years ago by Ian’s wife and her family. He has lived happily with the same family ever since.

You can get to know the real Albert better on facebook and twitter


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Albert and the Wind

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