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Independently published 3rd June 2021

Genre: Non-fiction, mental health, birdwatching, walking and trekking 

Pages: 200

Hiking is the gateway to adventure.

Being in the Great Outdoors is great for the mind, body, and soul. And the even better news? It needn’t involve much more than putting on a pair of trainers and heading out your front door.

In Adventure Dayze, author Wayne Mullane recounts his hiking experiences in Britain and Ireland with his friends, including overcoming limitations walking at altitude and having a dodgy sense of direction!

This book aims to help you get started… or, if you’re a seasoned hiker, to encourage you to hike with renewed vigour. This story shares insights and discusses the benefits of hiking, including fitness, friendship, courage, mental health, and…err…the joy of eating.

Adventure Dayze will inspire you to overcome your limitations and get outdoors to enjoy all the unique beauty that is on offer. Even pandemic lockdowns won’t be able to suppress your exploration, as the author found out, there are many ways to bring the outdoors inside when there’s no other choice.


I was absolutely fascinated by this book written by Wayne Mullane, so much so that I decided to do my research online about Wayne’s hiking up mountains.

The book Adventure Dayze is not a guidebook for a particular hike it is more of an overview of hiking and its benefits. Even I do a one mile walk most days, early evening, not to lose weight or anything just simply to get fresh air and the heart pumping round.

Wayne Mullane takes readers through his own mission in long walks, and hiking mountains with his friends. While They are all hiking up Scafell Pike in the Lake District Wayne suffers from the fear of heights, acrophobia was setting in. But he loves being at altitude, so despite having a fear of heights, he does love the benefits to his mental health and being high up did outweigh his level of acrophobia.

Scafell Pike is the highest promient Mountain in England being 978 meters or 3,209ft and takes up to 2 hours to hike up and 2 hours down. I can imagine that’s once up on top of Scafell Pike there must be a lovely view looking down. Lucky for me I’m not scared of heights I just the opposite from Wayne I’m claustrophobic, so I did understand that wayne suffered from acrophobia. I really did feel sorry for him, as when you have a phobia about something it plays havoc with your life at some point. The main thing is Wayne managed to conquer his acrophobia.

Wayne and his friends stop at pubs to discuss what route they will take next to hike. There is a part set within this book in why Wayne walks. And what happened during lockdown when his friends couldn’t meet up.

Adventure Dayze is so inspiring to get out there and start walking. This book has been well planned out with handy tips for those wanting to start hiking.

Author Bio
I live in Maidenhead, England. I’m a local council worker. My main hobbies are hiking, writing and playing board games. I also like spending time with family and friends. As well as writing about my hiking adventures, I write short stories and poems that appear on my website. I enjoy reading books on travel and fantasy novel.

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  1. Thank you so much for this lovely and insightful review. I really appreciate all the work that you’ve put into it, and I’m glad you enjoyed the book too. 😊

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