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Ellie and her mum are starting a new life in a new town and a very, very old building. They’re opening a cat cafe, but there’s a lot to do first like welcoming the Andersons.

Ellie doesn’t want to share her home with strangers, especially Blake and his energetic puppy, Choccy. But when Ellie and Blake discover a magical old phone and a mouse determined to get rid of them, they’re have to get along together.


Congratulation to Sweet Cherry Publishing as this week is very special, it is their 10th anniversary celebrating 10 years in Children’s Book Publishing

Ellie any her mum move into Ellie’s great- grandfather’s house where he used to be a vet and ran his practice in the house. Ellie and her mum will live on the first floor and rent the second floor to the Anderson family.

There could be a little job for Ellie as her mum wants to run her own business the cat cafe.

The house is full of cats as Ellie has a total of eight cats all named after famous composers.

Their piano has been put in one of the rooms as Ellie’s mum used to be a musician.

When the Anderson family arrive Blake brings in his energetic puppy Choccy, where Ellie and Blake sort through Ellie’s late grand-fathers trunk where they find an old fashioned Bakelite phone.

I won’t say why but Herriot the caretaker mouse is not happy with Ellie.

Children will absolutely love this book Magic Animal Cafe as it really is so much fun and has beautiful illustrations.


Writing for kids is one of the most enjoyable things I’ve ever done. I love being transported to a simpler, brighter place where adult problems fade into the background and you see the world through the eyes of a child again. I’ve taken a bit of a break from fiction while writing educational books and mini-documentaries (which is also hugely enjoyable). But now I’m back!

After writing my Greek mythology inspired Hopeless Heroes series, I wasn’t quite sure where to go next. More myths-type stories, most likely. Meanwhile, Sweet Cherry Publishing were coming up with ideas of their own. When they asked me to write a series about a magical cat cafe, I jumped at the chance! It was something new for me, so I did what I always do when a new opportunity comes along – throw myself in head first and hope I land on my feet!


And this is what I’ve got to show for it so far 

Doesn’t the cover of book 1 of the Magic Animal Café look great! There are many illustrations throughout and it’s amazing seeing my words brought to life by a talented illustrator.

It’s quite a different experience fleshing out and realising someone else’s vision. There’s a lot more back and forth with the editors as we build up the series, and I’m enjoying the team work aspect of it. While they set the foundations, I had the privilege of coming up with the details and storylines. The stories combine my life-long love of animals (who else but an animal lover would call a mouse Herriot?) with my interest in old phones (I have an antique phone collection) and my delight in creating quirky characters. I’ve just signed off on book 5 – and there are another 5 to go!

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You can find author Stella TARAKSON on her website


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