Poisoned Legacy Tom Langdale blog tour


Poisoned Legacy is the long awaited sequel to One Man’s Poison, but Poisoned Legacy can be read as a stand-alone.

A poisoned past can feed revenge!

I loved reading about Christine Winthrop, she is a very troubled woman, who opens up to her cousin Angela Palmer. Christine doesn’t have a mother as she has died, so she confines in her cousin Angela. But will Angela hate Christine when she reveals some shocking dark secrets?

Everyone who knows Christine she has hurt and destroyed them. She has done some terrible things, leading her to be disloyal and dishonest, and most of all a fraud.

Christine once had it all she loved Martin so much. But Christine and Martin have a out fall out. And Angela is about to find out what has a vicar got to do with Christine.

Secrets are gradually being exposed about what very bad things Christine had done.some very bad things.

With trauma in Christine’s head she thinks that she could never obtain closure. Since she was 11 years old things have haunted her within inside her head.

The story starts hotting up as Chief Inspector Garragan makes a phone call to Angela.

The author Tom Langdale has delivered a cast of characters that I feel proud to have read about. I’m longing for Tom Langdale’s next book.

I would like to thank blue for inviting me to be part of this blog tour and for arranging for the paperback to be sent me read and review.

You can find Tom Langdale on his website


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