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Paperback 9781800464711

Genre Children’s Fiction

For Age 8-12

Return to the Island of Animaux

On the Island of Animaux, strange things always happen. You can’t find it on any maps, but it really exists. Perhaps this is the ancient and lost word of Atlantis?

Welcome back to the crazy, funny, naughty, mad tales of Aubrey the Turkey. Clifford Platpus and Walli Hog. Once again they are joined by their good friends, also by some weird and wicked creatures. Five new stories full of chuckles stillness, daft behaviour and happy endings.

Please enjoy the latest tales. But to make sure the Island is safe, remember to keep its latest position top secret!


Aubrey the Turkey is having a surprise party celebration in winning the cup. Aubrey wants this surprise part to be one all creatures will enjoy and remember. Clifford the Platypus thinks they should make their own food and drink and decorations as this is what Platypus do back in Oz when Platypuses have parties. There is only one problem as this is a surprise party Aubrey is having, if no one is told about a surprise party, how will any one turn up ?

A Surprise Party is full of humour and charm, I just know all children are going to love this story and enjoy collecting the whole collection.

A Surprise Party is my first book that I have read by the talented author Milo McGivern. The other two in this loveable series are.

Aubrey, Clifford and Walli will be back soon with more adventures. Please keep your eyes open for Coffee and Ice Cream and four other tales.

About Milo McGivern

I am a new author and write books for children. ‘The Island of Animaux’ series features the adventures of Aubrey the Turkey, Clifford Platypus and Walli Hog. Plus all their very good friends. 

The books contain short stories, all linked. They take the reader on a journey, both within the stories and also across time. The big question, that will one day be answered, is how did Christina Ansell see a turkey and a lizard on the beach on that hot summer’s afternoon…

Milo McGivern is the writing name for Steve Humphries. Steve has spent many years working in finance. He has travelled extensively although is most happy when he is at home in Berkshire. Steve enjoys casual story writing and the Aubrey the Turkey tales were first imagined over 30 years ago. ‘A Surprise Party’ is the third book in the ‘Tales from Animaux’ series.

You can keep updated with all future books, and news on Milo McGivern’s website


Buy Linkshttps://amzn.to/3lOcmLB

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