Just Haven’t Met You Yet Sophie Cousens blog tour

Just Haven’t Met You Yet by Sophie Cousens

Paperback published by Arrow 11th November 2021

Tell me the story of how you two met ?

Hopeless romantic Laura has spent her career as a journalist telling each other people’s unbelievable love stories.

But when it comes to her own life, it seems she keeps looking for the one in all the wrong places.

That is until she picks up the wrong suitcase at the airport by mistake and finds inside contents that just might belong to the man of her dreams. From romantic piano sheet music to a battered copy of her favourite book, Laura knows this is the sign she’s been waiting for.

If Laura’s job has taught her anything, it’s that when it comes to love, you can’t let opportunity pass you by. And so Laura is determined to track down the mysterious suitcase owner and her own happy ending.

But fate, as always, might just have other ideas.


2021 might just be the year for romance after all.

Are you all ready for a brilliantly uplifting treat? I first became a fan of bestselling author Sophie Cousens after reading the authors first book This Time Next Year that I reviewed on my website that I fell in love with. I’m honoured now be back with Sophie Cousens second page turning book Just Haven’t Met You Yet, that I’m going to share with you today.

Just Haven’t Met You Yet is a refreshing and unique love story with a cast of characters you are just going to adore.

Laura has the job in a studio to interview couples questioning them How did you meet?

Laura comes up with an idea but she doesn’t know if her boss Suki will love the idea. Even though Laura’s parents aren’t alive to interview, she knows the story of how they fell in love, and it’s the most romantic how did you meet.

Suki let’s Laura travel to a beautiful channel island of Jersey to think of fresh ideas for the show. Jersey is the place where her parents fell in love.

As Laura arrives at her hotel in St Helier my own memories of St Helier came back to me, when I visited jersey.

The only trouble is when Laura unpacks her suitcase she has the wrong suitcase. Laura made me laugh going through his suitcase. Laura can see what’s inside the suitcase where she believes this man’s suitcase is too perfect not mean something.

Being a crazy romance reader, I was eager for fate to bring a sparkle of romance, for Laura. I didn’t know how Laura was going to find the man, whose suitcase it belongs to, but I prayed by fate that she would magically have a happy loving relationship of her own.

And if she falls in love would Laura be interviewed by someone else in the studio, with her new man in her life with the question being asked How did you meet ? That would be an amazing story to tell the viewers watching, listening how each of them ended up with the wrong suitcase and fell in love.

Sophie Cousens is my favourite author as she writes the best fiction about funny complications, and the feel good page turning story of love.

Just Haven’t Met You Yet is the perfect curl up on the sofa with and for fans of Jojo Moyes, Beth O’Leary, Mhairi McFarlane, Josie Silver.


Sophie Cousens worked in TV in Graham Norton Show, Big Brother, and Ant and Dec. She now lives in Jersey, where she balances her writing career with taking care of her two small children. Her debut novel This Time Next Year was an instant New York Times bestseller. Just Haven’t Met You Yet is her second novel.

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