Always in December Emily Stone

Always in December by Emily Stone

Paperback published by Headline 14th October 2021

Josie Morgan never looks forward to December. It’s always a reminder of the life she lost, twenty years ago. Now she always switches off the radio when Christmas music comes on. She always wants to tear down the tinsel her flatmate insists on pinning up. And she always posts a letter she knows will never be read.

Max Carter never expected to find himself stranded in London just days before Christmas. He never expected it would be so hard to say goodbye to a woman he hardly knows. Then again, he never expected to fall in love.

But, this December, when Josie’s letter leads her to Max, a chance encounter will change their lives in the most remarkable way. And their story is only beginning.


From London to Manhattan, from Edinburgh to the English countryside, Always in December is a romantic journey that’s impossible to forget. Fans of One Day in December and Me Before You, Always in December is the timeless, stay up all night love story you’ll take straight to your heart.

Josie has just split up after her boyfriend slept with another girl and to make matters worse it was a girl from the office where Josie and Oliver both worked.

Josie doesn’t like Christmas as the snow only brought Josie painful memories of Christmas Day twenty years ago. It started with a letter.

It ended up with a love story.

While Josie is on her way to post a letter on her bike, she accidentally skids into Max Carter.

I don’t want to spoil what happens, but here is some advice please make sure you have a box of tissues ready, because I certainly needed lots of them. I don’t think I have cried so much by Christmas a Christmas theme story.

I can’t believe this beautiful story is Emily Stone’s debut novel.

I’m looking forward to Emily Stone’s heart wrenching next novel The Last Gift, that will be published 13th October 2022

Always in December is the book to add to your Christmas reading list!

Here is the link to buy on Amazon Always in December


Emily Stone lives and works in Chepstow and wrote Always in December in an old Victorian manor house with an impressive literary heritage. Her debut novel was partly inspired by the death of her mother, when Emily was seven, and wanting to write something that reflected the fact that you carry this grief into adulthood, long after you supposedly move on from the event itself.

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