Shine, star, shine Dom Conlon

Shine, Star, Shine by Dom Conlon and illustrated by Anastasia Izlesou

paperback published by Graffeg 16th November 2021

Travel with Star as her light zips across 93 million miles of space from her home to Earth. Where she ripens crops, keeps us warm, creates weather and reveals a waking world full of life.

The Wild Wanderers series

Leap Hare Leap!

Swim Shark Swim!

Blow Wind Blow!

Shine Star Shine!

Grow Tree Grow!


Shine, Star, Shine ! is a very educational book one that I fully recommend as it’s like a little encyclopaedia that’s all about our planet Earth. Inside this book children can find out how a star is born and about our biggest star the Sun. At the back of the book children can find out some more exciting educational star facts. Although this book is aimed at children between 3 to 7 it’s very suitable for children much older. I loved this educational book and even found out a few things that I didn’t know. I hope all schools stock this book in their classroom or school library.

Dom Conlon is a poet and, whether talking on BBC Radio Lancashire or running workshops for children, Dom’s work is guided by nature and the stars. Dom’s work has been praised by award-winning writers such as Nicola Davies, George Szirtes and Chris Riddell.

Twitter @Dom_Conlon

Anastasia Izlesou is a multidisciplinary illustrator and designer from the UK. Using a mix of digital and traditional media, she creates vibrant work full of bold natural elements. The White Hare was Anastasia’s first published book. Twitter @Izlesou

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