Bob the Dog Gets a Job Tracey Hammett

Bob the Dog Gets a Job By Tracey Hammett

Illustrator Angie Stevens

Paperback Published By Graffeg 15th June 202

ISBN 9781802580815

Pages 36

Bob the dog is a busy dog, she always likes to have a job. One Sunny day she gets a job selling ice cream in a dinky van. But when she runs out of cones and the ice-cream nozzle sticks, Bob has to think quickly to save the day.


This book Bob the Dog Gets a Job is absolutely a gorgeous story. I do hope this is the start of a brand new series all about Bob the Dog.

Bob the Dog is a busy dog. She always likes to have a job. One Sunny day, Bob heads to his local park and sees a poster on a tree it said ICE_ CREAM FESTIVAL TODAY. SHINY TROPHY FOR THE BEST ICE CREAM!

Bob asks all the ice cream vans for a job, but no one will hiring him. That’s until one ice cream van did. Things go so well for Bob until he runs out of cones. But cleaver Bob comes up with creations of his own. Will Bob the Dog get the trophy he read about? If you love dogs then you’ll throughly enjoy every minute of this book like I did!

I highly recommend this book for all children and I do hope that all schools will stock this fabulous book as it’s so enjoyable and entertaining for everyone.

About author Tracey Hammett

Tracey Hammett is a Welsh-born writer who shares her time between Cardiff and London. She has written numerous stories, scripts and poems for BBC children’s television, including several BAFTA-nominated and award-winning programmes and likes to combine her love of words, stories and rhyme with a good dollop of humour and an awareness of social. Bob the Dog Gets a Job is Tracey’s second children’s book, following Monsters Not Allowed!.

About Illustrator Angie Stevens

Angie Stevens is an illustrator and mother of three based in Swansea. Angie is the author of Doodlemum: A Year of Family Life and illustrator of My Mummy Says.

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