Grow Tree Grow Dom Conlon

Grow, Tree,Grow ! By Dom Conlon

Illustrations By Anastasia Izlesou

large paperback book by Graffeg

ISBN 9781802580761

Pages 36

Watch Oak grow taller each year as it becomes home for a hundred different species of insects and plants that, inch by inch, find their place in a rich forest of trees.


Grow, Tree, Grow is suitable for children from 3 to 7 years.

Grow, Tree, Grow! the fifth book in the Wild Wanderers series. This book looks at the humble oak tree and the life it helps to support.

Through Don Conlon’s lyrical poetry and Anastasia Izlesou’s fantastic illustrations we journey through the life of one oak tree, discovering its contribution to the planet and the creatures who share it.

Touching upon many important topics, including photosynthesis, deforestation, decomposition and what plants need to grow, the book also includes a range of fascinating tree facts, making it perfect for use in science lessons and cross-curricular education.

Trees are an important part of animals lives, were inside this book children will love finding all the different animals that use the trees in our land . At the back of the book are some tree facts that children will find very educational. This book Grow, Tree, Grow! should be in every classroom, making children aware just how important our trees are in this world. This is truly a special book with an educational story and the amazing illustrations.

This book is available in paperback, eBook for Apple and Kindle

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Grow, Tree, Grow!

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Dom Conlon is a poet and, whether talking on BBC Radio Lancashire or running workshops for children, Dom’s work is guided by nature and the stars. Dom’s work has been praised by award-winning writers such as Nicola Davies, George Szirtes and Chris Riddell.

Anastasia Izlesou is a multidisciplinary illustrator and designer from the UK. Using a mix of digital and traditional media, she creates vibrant work full of bold natural elements. The White Hare was Anastasia’s first published book.

You can follow author Don Conlon

on Twitter @dom_conlon

You can follow illustrator Anastasia Izlesou

on Twitter @izlesou


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