Do Babies Wear Pyjamas? Fransie Frandsen Blog Tour

Do Babies Wear Pyjamas? By Fransie Frandsen

Paperback published by artfox bookwolf 9th March 2023

ISBN 9780956828743

Mummy worries about pyjamas. Daddy’s ears are full of soap. And mummy’s sister shouts out recipes with bananas. But what about Baby T? Join Alexander in his latest colourful quest to find the answer to the puzzling question Do Babies Wear Pyjamas?


Celebrated author-illustrator Fransie Frandsen returns with the latest instalment in her beautifully original picture book series, Alexander’s Questions. Do Babies Wear Pyjamas is a quirky, colourful quest for curious little ones with a playful sense of humour and a perfect gift for Mothers Day.

Do Babies Wear Pyjamas? Is a fantastic book that made me laugh out loud. Honestly it’s so funny!

I love the way Fransie has a fun way of storytelling adding beautiful illustrations in an unique college-style illustrations fashion, with combined photographs and illustrations to build a multi textured world.

Children are always full of questions.

Little Alexander has a question for his mummy, Do Babies wear Pyjamas?

The question has got his mummy thinking and Alexander tries to ask his dad but his ears are full of soap and doesn’t hear Alexander’s question. Mummy asks the neighbour, Do Babies wear pyjamas? and then she phones her sister, who doesn’t quite get the question, giving mummy a recipe for bananas, which I found hilarious.

Young children still have a wonderfully unrestricted view of the world and their place in it. Story telling and art making helps children create a new skill set for expressing their feelings, communicating and interacting with the world around them.

I definitely recommend these books to read their child. I hope I can get to read more of these funny books.

Other books in this fabulous series:

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About author Fransie Frandsen

Fransie Frandsen is a writer, illustrator and internationally celebrated fine artist. After completing her BA and qualification in in graphic design, Fransie earned a further degree in Art Psychotherapy in the UK. She practiced for several years in London working mainly with children and focusing on the attachment, bonding and communication between children and parents. It is the dynamics of this relationship that inspire her children’s books. Having lived in six different countries, Fransie takes inspiration for her art from her exposure to many cultures, as well as from her experience in working with troubled and marginalised individuals as an art psychotherapist. Fransie’s artwork has recently been exhibited in London, Milan, Barcelona, Madrid and Berlin.

Fransie currently lives and works in Switzerland together with her family and their two westies, ‘The Barkingtons’.


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