Finding Mr Perfectly Fine Tasheem Abdur-Rasshid blog tour

Finding Mr Perfectly Fine By Tasneem Abdur-Rashid

Paperback published by Bonnier Books 7th July 2022

ISBN 9781838778156

Pages 480

Last week I turned 29. Along with the usual homemade Victoria sponge, helium ballon and Selfridges gift vouchers, my mum’s birthday present to me was the threat that if I’m not engaged by 30th birthday she’s sending me off to the Motherland to find a fresh-form-the-Desh husband.

When Zara’s mum puts together the most archaic of arranged marriage resources (not exactly the romcom-worthy love story she had envisioned for herself). Zara’s soon exhausted by her family’s failed attempts to set her up with every vaguely suitable Abdul, Ahmed and Farook. So she decides to take matters into her own hands by signing up for marriage apps and speed dating. After all, how hard can it be to find a husband?

When she meets Hamza, a kind British Egyptian who shares her values. Zara knows he would make a good husband. Whilst she’s aware not all marriages are based on love (or lust) at first sight, Zara struggles with a lack of spark. Particularly when she can’t stop thinking of someone else.

As her 30th looms, and family pressure intensifies, Zara knows she must make a decision, but will she make the right one?


My biggest shout out today is buy your self a copy of Finding Mr Perfectly Fine, about Zara why she has to find a husband.

When the pressure’s on to find someone, does it matter if he’s not the one? I loved reading Tasneem Abdul-Rashid’s debut novel Finding Mr Perfectly Fine, as I’m interested in reading fictional stories about different cultures.

Zara Choudhury, comes from a Bengali background who still lives with her parents and grandmother in London. Zara has just turned 29, and the race is on, she needs to find a husband, quickly before she is 30.

If Zara doesn’t find a husband by 30th birthday her mother will send her on a flight to Bangladesh straight to Shahjala airport, with an arranged marriage, to find a fresh from the Desh husband.

With the help from her mother and her sister, Zara downloads the MuslimMate app, to find a husband. She puts together a Bengali marriage CV under her family’s strict directions. I was totally into this story to see if Zara can find her Mr right online.

Zara works in a department, Community Engagement, where she once thought an attractive colleague Adam who is Turkish, might have possibly been the one guy for her.

Zara knows she can’t just meet any man without her mother’s approval. But she meets Hamza a British Egyptian with a lovely Arabic accent at a chocolate making event. He is nothing more than real proper gentleman who really likes Zara. But I must say it’s a shame she doesn’t fancy him.

It isn’t long before Zara starts to get the men that’s is interested in her, all mixed up, causing some disastrously events.

My heart raced along with reading on how is Zara going to get out of the disaster that unfolds, and as I just love happy ending, I was still thinking to myself will Zara ever meet her Mr right, husband?

A mega huge thank you to Tracy Fenton for inviting me to take part in this exciting blog tour. I would also like to thank Bonnier Books for sending me a printed copy of this fantastic novel.

About Tasneem Abdur-Rashid

Tasneem Abdur-Rashid is a British Bengali writer born and raised in London. A mother of two, Tasneem has worked across media, PR and communications both in the UK and in the UAE. Today, Tasneem spends her days writing novels and her nights co-hosting the award-winning podcast Not Another Mum Pod – and in between, she’s busy trying (and often failing) to be super mum, super wife and super chef. Having recently completed a Master’s in Creative Writing with distinction, Tasneem’s debut rom-com Finding Mr Perfectly Fine will be published by Zaffre/Bonnier on July 7, 2022.

You can find Tasneem on Instagram: @tasneemarashid and @notanothermumpod

Lucie Yi is not a romantic Lauren Ho Blog Tour

Lucie Yi has tried love – it didn’t work.

She’s decided that finding Mr Right is a myth, and that finding Mr Right-enough-to-have-children-with is the next best option. So when she meets easy-going Collin Read on a platonic co-parenting website, it finally feels like she has found her version of happily ever after.

But things take a turn for the worse when they move back home to Singapore where her very traditional family and remorseful ex-fiancé await.

With pressure mounting on all sides and her perfect plan unravelling, Lucie has to decide how much she’s willing to sacrifice for a chance at happiness – and maybe, just maybe, love.


Lauren Ho is a new author to me, so once I had finished reading Lucie Yi is not a Romantic with loving every minute of this romcom I ordered the first book by this author Last Tang Standing.

The one thing that stood out for me is that Lauren Ho is an amazing talented author from Singapore, who has a such an incredible imagination, with making her story literally unputdownable and quite funny.

The novel Lucie Yi is not a Romantic is about friendship, pregnancy, pregnancy loss, grief and cheating.

This story has a splendid cast of characters that all have a history of their own, making this story delightful to read, and above all, I loved reading this story as it is so unique.

Lucie living in New York has a good job being a manger, but she longs for a baby to raise in Singapore where her home is and where her parents live. She wants to find that special someone who shares her culture, to have a baby with. I did feel really sorry for Lucie as she bursts out crying in a baby shop, buying a present for her best friend that has baby triplets.

Lucie knows she can’t just sleep with a random guy to get pregnant. Well the good thing about having best friends is that they will always help you, no matter what. That’s what I liked about this story, when one of her best friends really wants to help Lucie have a baby with the right man. One of her best friends suggests going on the website co-parenting. All Lucie has to do is add her profile, and to find a man who is willing to be a father, that is either based in Singapore or who will move to Singapore should she become pregnant.

Today my biggest shout out is don’t miss Lucie Yi Is Not A Romantic, it’s a page turner. I highly recommend reading it, as the author Lauren Ho has created this really brilliant unique contemporary novel, that everyone is talking about!

I would like to say a huge thank you to Anne Cater of Random Things Tours I’m very greatful for having me on board of this amazing blog tour. ❤️ Thank you so much to Harper Collins for sending me a physical copy to review 💕

About author Lauren Ho

She can be found here @hellolaurenho on Twitter, IG, FB and

Here is the link to buy this fabulous novel Lucie Is Not A Romantic

Poppy Loves Devon Gillian Young Blog Tour

Poppy Loves Devon By Gillian Young

Paperback published by Troubadour 24th May 2022

Pages 272

ISBN 9781803132655

Get ready for the second in the Crazy Cream Adventure Series following on form Poppy on Safari the pampered life of this crazy cream retriever is turned upside down when she discovers a lost puppy whilst on holiday with her family.

Poppy wants to befriend anything that moves, but she’s never successful. It seems all the other animals find her too big, loud and boisterous. DD is convinced she needs a playmate, but Poppy’s unsure. She enjoys the fuss and attention from her family so much, she is not willing to share. The choice is taken away from her when one day a puppy comes along.

However, Poppy soon discovers the puppy is lost and alone. Her big heart and caring nature kicks in when she discovers a monster lurking in a nearby wood. Poppy must act fast to save the farm, her family and the puppy. Meanwhile, a handsome border collie ticks all the boxes as the perfect dog but is he ? Poppy Loves Devon follows her pursuit of making friends but not realising what’s under her very nose.


This is my first ever novel about a dog, and although this novel Poppy Loves Devon is aimed at children, I really enjoyed reading this story. The reason I enjoyed this story is because when I was young I used to go to Devon for my holiday and secondly I love dogs and I used to have a Westie dog up to about five years ago.

Poppy is a retriever, that is big, clumsy and pampered who talks to itself telling part of the storyline, and is very much part of the family who take Poppy to Devon on holiday.

Poppy made me laugh for growling at the sea, and refusing to in.

Evie get a new fluffy golden retriever puppy, and there’s something Poppy doesn’t like about the puppy, maybe it’s because the new puppy is getting all the attention.

I loved the illustrations that Gillian has done to mark every chapter, which are the authors own illustrations as she studied art.

Gillian Young is extremely talented getting the idea to write about a retriever, using her inspiration from her own adorable retrievers.

I think author Gillian Young may have started a craze for other People who would like to write about their pet. But it’s not that easy to write a fictional story about your pet. You have to be determined to turn your story into an adventure that everyone will want to read, just like author Gillian Young has done. With the love of her retrievers she has started an excellent exciting series of books about Poppy the retriever, starting with Poppy On Safari and now she has done a splendid job with this second book in the series Poppy Loves Devon. I’m all ready excited for the third book in the series.

Calling all children, all YA fictional readers, dog lovers, you will want to read this amazing adventure about Poppy Loves Devon and Poppy on Safari.

I would like to thank literallypr for inviting me to be part of the blog tour for Poppy Loves Devon and for sending me the paperback to read and review.

About author Gillian Young

Gillian Young is a full time writer and illustrator of children’s middle grade fiction.

Gillian has always been passionate about writing and art. Following art college, she worked as a Graphic Artist. During this time, she settled down, got married and had two children. Becoming a mother reintroduced her to the magic of children’s fiction. Every night she’d read Peter Rabbit and Benjamin Bunny to her kids. Eventually she had the idea of writing stories of her own.

To be an author was still her dream that had never gone away. Snatches of time between going to work and taking care of her children were spent bent over lapping writing until 2015. A battle with cancer led Gillian to re-evaluate her life. Writing was her medicine and it was because of this she decided to go for it and focus on becoming an author.

Much of Gillian’s work is inspired by her golden retrievers who have achieved some fame around the world through their Instagram page ( crazy.cream.retrievers). Following her previous books, Poppy on Safari, and Tammy and Willow, Gillian has appeared on radio and magazines talking both about her books and her experiences fighting and defeating the big C. Gillian lives with her family in Worcestershire.

You can visit Gillian Young on her author website.

You can find Gillian’s gorgeous dogs on Instagram


I’m following author Gillian Young on Twitter @CornDollyXx56

Note to Self Anna Bell Blog Tour


Paperback published by Harper Collins 23rd June 2022

Pages 384

ISBN 9780008467630

It’s never too late to follow your heart.

One Summer’s day seventeen years ago Edie and Joel meet. Their connection is instant and friendship is born, although Edie can’t help but wish for more. But just as she builds up the courage to lay her heart on the line, one night changes everything.

Edie moved on from the heartbreak of years ago. So the last thing she expects to receive on her thirty-fifth birthday is an email from her eighteen-year-old self. As more emails arrive, she starts to remember what or rather who she left behind.

Following her own advice, Edie heads back to the place where it all began and finds her path unexpectedly crossing with Joel’s once more. Could this finally be their chance at love? Or are some things better left in the past?


I have really missed reading Anna Bell’s books, as the last book that I read was The Good Girlfriend’s Guide to Getting Even, that I totally found unputdownable. So when I received Note to Self I was so excited I jumped up and down. I’m now back in my comfort zone again with fresh idea, the Anna Bell has come up with in Note to Self.

When Edie Porter, was 18 she used a website where she could input the date in the future to receive notes that she had made in form of emails to herself. Now it is Eddie’s 35th birthday she starts to receive email to herself, that she had written 17 years ago.

In one email to herself she reads that before university she was dating Scott, for two years then broke up because he cheated on her.

Edie feels quite sad as her birthdays haven’t never been the same since her mother died seventeen years ago.

Edie has now been dating Miles a corporate lawyer for five months, but is he really enough for Edie? I personally didn’t think so, I didn’t like the fact that he changed his mind to where they would spend Edie’s 35th birthday and I didn’t really like what Miles gave Edie as her birthday present.

Edie and her dad are co-directors of an office supply company, where Layla, a work colleague is Edie’s best friend too.

I adored the imagination how the author used the emails that Edie receives from her younger self as a great way of finding out all about Edie’s past.

My biggest shout out is buy Note to Self you’ll be taken in by Edie the main character!

Praise for Anna Bell

The perfect rollercoaster of emotions by Laura Jane Williams!

A warm hug in book form by Holly Miler The Sight of You !

A love story to make you swoon by Emily Stone Always in December !


Anna lives in the South of France with her young family and energetic labrador. When not chained to her laptop, Anna can be found basking in the sun in the summer, heading to the ski slopes in the winter (to drink hot chocolate and watch – she can’t ski) or having a sneaky treat from the patisserie – all year round!

You can find our more about Anna on her website

Twitter @annabell_writes

Instagram @anna_bell_writes

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I Saw What He Did Kemi Estephane Blog Tour



ISBN 9781915229144

Pages 246

Ren Shephard is at a comfortable crossroads. Enjoying the temporary freedom of her recent redundancy, her life revolves around her cherished friendship, sporadic communication with her unconventional parents and occasionally bailing her errant sister out of trouble.

However, when she signs up for an online writing course, she meets a group of people who will impact her in unimaginable, unexpected and tragic ways.

When a gruesome murder takes place during one of the lessons, Ren becomes embroiled in a dangerous and terrifying sequence of events.

With the police stonewalling and Ren overtaken by a desperate urge to find the truth and justice for the victim she uncovers some shocking and mystifying evidence that sends her word spiralling out of control, whilst simultaneously placing her life in jeopardy.


Today I’m giving my biggest shout out! Don’t miss this page- turning thriller, I Saw What He Did.

The story starts of like a contemporary read, twisting into a murder.

Two great friends. Wanderlust parents. A problematic sister.

You witness a fatal attack online. Your life may be in danger. But who can you trust?

Well I honestly couldn’t put this thriller down, it’s one if the best thrillers I’ve read in a very long time.

Ren Shephard meets up with her friends, that have very different situations in life. Ren had just retired from being a university lecturer and had split up from her boyfriend. Lex had found out her husband is having an affair. Kizzy has a baby’s and wants to go back to work.

Ren’s Faye is in trouble where good hearted Ren helps her sister.

A one bedroom flat is home for Ren, when she decided to do an online writing course she witnessed a murder, only one other person on the writing course see the murder.

The writing instructor won’t take charge of the murder that happened to one of the fellow budding writer.

Ren takes matters into her own hands trying to solve who the murder is. But as everyone can be seen in the online writing zoom course, could the murderer of seen Ren ?

I absolutely loved every minute of this thriller, and I know you all will do too, that’s why I highly recommend reading I Saw What He Did.

I would like to thank kaleidoscopic tours for arranging for this paperback to be sent to me and for the invite for the I Saw What He Did blog tour.


The Girl on the 88 Bus Freya Sampson blog tour

When Libby Nicholls arrives in London, broken-hearted and with her life in tatters, the first person she meets on the bus is elderly pensioner Frank. He tells her about the time in 1962 he met a girl on the number 88 bus with beautiful read hair just like her own. They made plans for a date at the National Gallery, but Frank lost her number written on it. For the past sixty years, he’s ridden the same bus trying to find her.

Libby is inspired by the story and with the help of an unlikely companion, she makes it her mission to help Frank’s search. As she begins to open her guarded heart to strangers and new connections. Libby’s tightly controlled world expands. But with Frank’s dementia progressing quickly, their chance of finding the girl on the number 88 bus is slipping away.

More than anything, Libby wants Frank to see his long lost love one more time. But their quest also shows Libby just how important it is to embrace her own chances for happiness – before it’s too late.

Hardback ISBN 9781838778378

Pages 400

A beautifully uplifting novel about how one chance meeting can change the course of your life.


I’m absolutely so happy to be part of the blog tour for this very exciting, unputdownable new novel The Girl On The 88 Bus by Freya Sampson.

This is one of those splendid novels that has something to be glued to on every page. I loved how all the characters collided with each other in unexpected ways.

It’s true when authors say they was inspired to write a novel by a conversation that they hear.

This is exactly what happened to Freya Sampson, over hearing a librarian having a conversation with an 102 year-old person and a simple act of kindness that sparked Freya Sampson’s idea for this story.

The author knew she wanted to write a story about a brief conversation between two strangers that could change the course of someone’s life. And how, sixty years later, another conversation with a different stranger could lead to an extraordinary act of kindness.

The inspiration for the setting of the book on a London bus came to author Freya, while sitting on a bus.

This is my first novel by Freya Simpson that I have read. With my hand on my heart, The Girl On The 88 Bus is absolutely loveable, enjoyable, and a page-turner from beginning to end.

In 1962, Young Frank can’t help starring at a beautiful red haired girl who steps onto the number 88 bus at Clapham Common Station.

They both strike up a conversation. Frank tells the girl he wants to be an actor. The girl let’s Frank know that she lives in Clapham and goes to art school. Before the girl gets of at her stop she writes her telephone number on a ticket, but Frank has sadly lost the ticket.

For Sixty years Frank has got on the Clapham number 88 bus in hope that he will find the red haired girl that he met in his twenties.

Libby has been dump by her boyfriend and steps on the 88 bus to stay with her sister. By chance Frank meets Libby on the number 88 bus. He tells Libby about the girl in 1962 that he met, but lost the ticket that she wrote her number on and that he goes on the 88 bus looking for her.

Libby has a heart of gold and with the help of social media Libby has an idea how to help Frank find the girl he met on the same 88 bus sixty years ago.

My biggest shout out is buy yourself a copy of this book and I promise you won’t be able to put it down.

Thank you ever so much Tracy Fenton for adding me to take part in this amazing blog tour and for arranging for this exciting paperback to be sent to me, I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of The Girl on the 88 Bus.

About author Freya Sampson

Freya Sampson works in TV and was the executive producer of Channel 4’s Four in a Bed and Goolglesprogs. She studied History at Cambridge University and is a graduate of the Faber Academy. She lives in London with her husband, two young children and an antisocial cat. Her debut novel, The Last Library, was published in 2021, The Girl on the 88 Bus is her second novel. You can connect with author Freya Sampson on

Twitter @SampsonF

Instagram freyasampsonauthor

The East German Police Girl Natalia Pastukhova Blog Tour

The East German Police Girl By Natalia Pastukhova

Paperback published by Brown Dog Books May 26th 2022

ISBN 9781839525001

General Fiction Adult Historical Fiction, Mystery and Thriller Fiction. Action Adventure

In a small university town in East Germany, during the hard winter of 1955, a plot emerges tangled yet uncontrived to put a lump in your throat. Told to the author by her grandfather, this is a tale of fear, distrust and bravery. Threads of doubt and deceit are interwoven with endearing touches of goodness, dry humour and bygone patterns of every day life. It’s gravity is simple yet emotional.

Uta, a young police lady, is plucky and right hand minded having had fixed on a plan, gives it her best shot.

Isolde, a shy and ingenious musician, with her patched clothes and innocent ways, submits obediently to a wrongful death.

The players, inured to hardship and intrigue, are neither deluded nor pretentious. They have simpler and less hard to unravel motives than modern society’s galaxy of posers and dissembles.


Let me start with telling you that The East German Girl is expertly written. I loved how the author has astonishingly used descriptions to take us all right at the scenes. It’s incredible I haven’t felt like this in a long time where an author has projected such a strong storyline, with the action pulling me right in.

I could feel the cold December weather during this time, with the gas fire being turned off just before going to bed.

I was gripped to this fascinating story where the characters had to use candles for light.

This story is full of police, and an agent a with code name. Uta is a young East German police girl. Bauss is Head of Border Police Unit who wears an ear piece. Joos is from State Police, Justice Commissioner.

There is sex interwoven into the story line. Bauss has sex with a young girl, who he gives his young lady tins of food and clothes, coupons and a little bit of money in exchange.

Christopher who is a signalman is having a stop and go affair with Greta . Her husband who she is divorced from, worked in a glass factory that made railway signal lamps.

A young fifteen year old boy once asked out the seventeen year old Uta police girl. There is an unsettling scene as Jools from State Police shoots the young boy.

Despite the havoc of the Second World War, most of the East Germans were Christian and the medieval ethics of hard work and obedience were still deeply engrained. Propriety ruled much of their lives, despite the straitened circumstances.


Come, let me tell you a story, hard and obscure, yet of great depth. It’s origin is twofold, one, a rebuffed lover who allowed bitterness to darken his heart, and two, some fools seeking a cache of hidden gold. But, you ask, who am I? I am a Good Spirit who keeps watch over our characters, like the Lares or Penates of a Roman household, the gods of the hearth. Our tale is set in December 1955, in the communist state of East Germany and the hard winter of that year.

I enjoyed reading what one blogger write about The East German Girl.

Bookstagrammer Aria Harlow said “A really enjoyable read that is well written and completely compelling. I read it quickly and couldn’t put it down. The perfect mix of historical fiction and mystery.

An extract.

I would like to thank literallypr for sending me a copy to read and review and for very kindly inviting me to take part in this blog.

About Natalia Pastukhova

Author Natalia Pastukhova was born in Saint Petersburg on the day it reacquired that name. She read English and Italian at university before joining the Russian security services and working abroad. She enjoys archery, writing, playing the violin badly and spending most of her time in England.

De-Twat Your Life! Carolyn Hobdey blog tour

De-Twat Your Life by Carolyn Hobdey

Paperback published by Ink 22nd May 2022

Pages 220

ISBN 978-1-7399703-4-5

Self-Help, Personal Development, Relationships, Health and Wellbeing, Women


I can see why Carolyn has written this self help book, with the heartbreaking journey that Carolyn has been through. She had been left in a depressing situation, with no jo, no relationship, no home and no step children.

Some of us women have been there in a relationship, when that man in your life who love very much ends it, leaving us feeling very distraught, I for one have been there over 32 years ago, but at least I got to keep my children. But Carolyn she lost everything. It was her partner who decided to end their relationship, taking her step children away, which she loved so much with all of her heart, leaving her in tremendous pain, as though her heart had been ripped through her chest, spending time hidden away under the duvet.

This was devastating to read about as Carolyn comes across a very caring young lady, she is that special woman who I would like to be friends with.

Thank goodness Carolyn found boxing part of her recovery.

It just goes to show that when you find yourself in a spell of fog where you can’t think straight just like Carolyn found herself in that difficult time in her life, that there is light at the end with Carolyn’s self help book.

The purpose of this book is to help you assess and update your life in a controlled and thoughtful way as possible.

I think book is amazing by Carolyn Hobdey, who’s life got turned upside down and doing these Self help structures.

This book is a very good self-help about relationships and health and wellbeing for women.

Beach House Summer Sarah Morgan blog tour

Beach House Summer Sarah Morgan

Paperback published by Harper Collins 26th May 2022

Pages 416

ISBN 9781848458451

A marriage in the spotlight
Joanna Whitman’s high-profile marriage held more secrets than she cares to remember, so when her ex-husband dies, she doesn’t know what to feel. But when she discovers that he’s left behind a pregnant young woman, Joanna is forced to act. She knows exactly how brutal the spotlight on them both will be…unless she can find a way for them to disappear.

A beach house hideaway 
Ashley Blake is amazed when Joanna suggests they lie low at her beach house in her sleepy Californian hometown. Joanna should be hating her, not helping her. But alone and pregnant, Ashley needs all the support she can find.

A summer of new beginnings
Joanna’s only goal for the summer is privacy. All Ashley wants is space to plan for her and her baby’s future. But when an old flame reappears, and secrets spill out under the hot summer sun, this unlikely friendship is put to the test…

My Review

I’m absolutely delighted to be part of the blog tour as Sarah Morgan has been one my favourite authors for many years, as she has the gift of bringing page turning stories, ones that I love reading, and with being an excellent writer, its easy for me to recommend reading all of her books.

Beach House Summer is my top favourite book by Sarah Morgan as I absolutely love reading about a cheating husband, as it’s my favourite subject in the fictional world.

Ashley Blake is pregnant and seeing a married man.

Joanna Whitman first learned about her ex-husband’s death while she was eating her breakfast, when an announcement of breaking news appeared on TV, telling the world that celebrity chef Cliff Whitman had been killed in an accident. His mangled wreckage of a car was seen in a ravine. He was pronounced dead at the scene. His passenger a young woman is unnamed and had been flown to hospital, with her condition unknown. People knew Cliff was a show off in his flashy sports car in the Hollywood Hills.

Cliff was a cheat and a liar, he had affairs while married to Joanna. It took sometime but when Joanna finally had enough of her husband’s affairs she decided to divorce him.

Joanna knew Cliff had pattern, when it came to younger women, he wanted them younger and thinner, choosing them carefully. He wanted the highest TV ratings the biggest crowds for public appearances and it seemed one way to get that was to have a young woman on his arm. But the thing is half the business is Joanna’s, she was engine kept everything going and Cliff knew it.

Even though Joanna and Cliff were divorced, she still managed his diary and all other commitments.

Joanna can’t get the crash out of her mind, she keeps going over and over the same questions Why did you crash Cliff? Who was that woman? Then once Joanna sees the news on her TV screen with the news presenter breaking news that the unnamed woman that was rescued from the crash is pregnant, when an image appears on the screen, she isn’t unknown to Joanna, she knows exactly who this pregnant woman is.

In my view, Beach House Summer is so good it could easily be made into a film. I urge you all to read this this page turning novel Beach House Summer by Sarah Morgan, I guarantee you won’t be able to put this book down!

I would like say a huge thank you to HQ for sending me a printed copy to read and review my favourite authors book, and for very kindly inviting me to take part in the blog tour.


Sarah Morgan is a USA Today and Sunday Times bestselling author of romance and women’s fiction.

She has sold over 21 million copies of her books and her trademark humour and warmth have gained her fans across the globe.

Sarah lives near London, England and when she isn’t writing or reading, she likes to spend time outdoors hiking or riding her mountain bike.

Join Sarah’s mailing list at for all book news. For more insight into her writing life follow her on Facebook at http://www.facebook/AuthorSarahMorgan and on Instagram at @sarahmorganwrites Contact Sarah at

Mummy’s Big Tummy Jane Callow blog tour

Mummy’s Big Tummy By Jane Callow


Paperback published by Clink Street Publishing 26th May 2022

Pages 20

ISBN 9781913568771

Another whimsical story about FAIRFAX, a loveable, mischievous Fox!

Read along with your child to find out what Fairfax learns today!

Fairfax is puzzled by a mystery! A mystery mystery that gets bigger every day!

Read along with your child as the mystery unfolds to unveil a wonderful surprise at the end!


Mummy’s Big Tummy is a funny book, about a Fox when he finds out his mummy is having a baby. This story is important for young children to understand why a mother’s tummy gets big when expecting a baby.

Fairfax the Fox couldn’t quite make it why his mummy’s tummy was big. He thought it can’t be a pie that his mummy fat, or the strawberry flan. When Fairfax learns he is going to be a brother to his baby sister he is the proudest brother!


I would like to thank kaleidoscopictours for sending me a copy of this cute little book and for inviting me to take part in this lovely blog tour.

Here is the link to buy Mummy’s Big Tummy Jane Callow