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Paperback 9781800464711

Genre Children’s Fiction

For Age 8-12

Return to the Island of Animaux

On the Island of Animaux, strange things always happen. You can’t find it on any maps, but it really exists. Perhaps this is the ancient and lost word of Atlantis?

Welcome back to the crazy, funny, naughty, mad tales of Aubrey the Turkey. Clifford Platpus and Walli Hog. Once again they are joined by their good friends, also by some weird and wicked creatures. Five new stories full of chuckles stillness, daft behaviour and happy endings.

Please enjoy the latest tales. But to make sure the Island is safe, remember to keep its latest position top secret!


Aubrey the Turkey is having a surprise party celebration in winning the cup. Aubrey wants this surprise part to be one all creatures will enjoy and remember. Clifford the Platypus thinks they should make their own food and drink and decorations as this is what Platypus do back in Oz when Platypuses have parties. There is only one problem as this is a surprise party Aubrey is having, if no one is told about a surprise party, how will any one turn up ?

A Surprise Party is full of humour and charm, I just know all children are going to love this story and enjoy collecting the whole collection.

A Surprise Party is my first book that I have read by the talented author Milo McGivern. The other two in this loveable series are.

Aubrey, Clifford and Walli will be back soon with more adventures. Please keep your eyes open for Coffee and Ice Cream and four other tales.

About Milo McGivern

I am a new author and write books for children. ‘The Island of Animaux’ series features the adventures of Aubrey the Turkey, Clifford Platypus and Walli Hog. Plus all their very good friends. 

The books contain short stories, all linked. They take the reader on a journey, both within the stories and also across time. The big question, that will one day be answered, is how did Christina Ansell see a turkey and a lizard on the beach on that hot summer’s afternoon…

Milo McGivern is the writing name for Steve Humphries. Steve has spent many years working in finance. He has travelled extensively although is most happy when he is at home in Berkshire. Steve enjoys casual story writing and the Aubrey the Turkey tales were first imagined over 30 years ago. ‘A Surprise Party’ is the third book in the ‘Tales from Animaux’ series.

You can keep updated with all future books, and news on Milo McGivern’s website


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Poisoned Legacy Tom Langdale blog tour


Poisoned Legacy is the long awaited sequel to One Man’s Poison, but Poisoned Legacy can be read as a stand-alone.

A poisoned past can feed revenge!

I loved reading about Christine Winthrop, she is a very troubled woman, who opens up to her cousin Angela Palmer. Christine doesn’t have a mother as she has died, so she confines in her cousin Angela. But will Angela hate Christine when she reveals some shocking dark secrets?

Everyone who knows Christine she has hurt and destroyed them. She has done some terrible things, leading her to be disloyal and dishonest, and most of all a fraud.

Christine once had it all she loved Martin so much. But Christine and Martin have a out fall out. And Angela is about to find out what has a vicar got to do with Christine.

Secrets are gradually being exposed about what very bad things Christine had done.some very bad things.

With trauma in Christine’s head she thinks that she could never obtain closure. Since she was 11 years old things have haunted her within inside her head.

The story starts hotting up as Chief Inspector Garragan makes a phone call to Angela.

The author Tom Langdale has delivered a cast of characters that I feel proud to have read about. I’m longing for Tom Langdale’s next book.

I would like to thank blue for inviting me to be part of this blog tour and for arranging for the paperback to be sent me read and review.

You can find Tom Langdale on his website


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The Leftovers Cassandra Parkin blog tour

The Leftovers by Cassandra Parkin

Paperback published by Legend press 1st October 2021

Family love. Fated love. Forbidden love.

Callie’s life is spent caring for others – for Frey, her client, and for Noah, her brother. When a tragic car accident shatters her family, she’s left alone with her mother Vanessa. Vanessa’s favourite child was Noah; Callie’s favourite parent was her dad. Now they’re stuck with each other – the leftovers of their family – and they’ll have to confront the ways they’ve been hurt, and the ways they’ve passed that hurt on to others.


I have read quite a few of novels by writer Cassandra Parkin, because I’m a big fan of the characters and different topics that Cassandra finds to write about.

I found this story easy to get into because I believed in every word.

The Leftovers is my favourite as it held my attention in believing everything about how Callie and her mother that are thrown into stricken grief .

The Storyline is so strong and emotional I don’t think it will ever leave me.

Cassandra Parkin is a very talented author, one that I can fully recommend reading all of her books.

The Leftovers is a hugely sad moving tale, and is impossible to stop turning the pages.

I have added a short extract from The Leftovers to show just how powerful the words are and how believable the scene have been set.

“They’re dead, Callie. They’re dead. Both of them. They’ve been in a car accident and they’re both dead.”

“No “, I say.

Yes. Yes. There’s no mistake. They’re dead, they’re gone, it’s true. It’s just us left Callie. Just me and you. We’re the only ones left. Oh God, what am I going to do now? Noah, my darling boy…

The wail and shudder of my mother’s grief scratches sharply at my spine. That old, rotten childish thought. Why do you love Noah and not me ?

Another rustle and scrape. My mother’s howls grow a little distant, and then the unhinged sound coming out of her suddenly drops, as if someone has closed a door on a room. Then the police officer begins talking ago, with a terrible steadiness, a dreadful honesty. Her kindness, and in the background, my mother’s abandoned shrieks.

I make myself hear each word . I make myself say the words that need saying. Practical things like “Was there anyone else involved.” and “Are you absolutely sure it’s them?” and small courtesies like “Yes, I understand “ and even “Thank you”, interspersed with moments when I press my hand to my mouth and bite down until I feel the small bones beneath the skin, because I will not, will not scream; I will not, will not hurt Frey.

“I’m so very sorry to have to tell you all this. Is there someone there with you?


That’s good. Now, you might not feel it yet, but you’ll be in shock. Sit down now, maybe have a cup of sweet tea. Can you put me on the phone to whoever’s there with you?”

“No” My refusal is instinctive, an urge to keep what’s just happened to me safely within its own confines. “No”, it’s all right, you don’t need to do it. I’ll tell them.”


Cassandra Parkin grew up in Hull, and now lives in East Yorkshire. Her short story collection, New World Fairy Tales (Salt Publishing, 2011), won the 2011 Scott Prize for Short Stories.


Twitter: @cassandrajaneuk

Instagram: @cassandraparkinwrites

Books by the author:

Soldier Boy - Ditte version.png


underwater breathing_B_hi res new.jpg

The Winter's Child.jpg


Summer we all ran away final high res.jp

The Slaughter Man Cover.jpg

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Magic Animal Cafe Stella Tarakson Blog Tour




Ellie and her mum are starting a new life in a new town and a very, very old building. They’re opening a cat cafe, but there’s a lot to do first like welcoming the Andersons.

Ellie doesn’t want to share her home with strangers, especially Blake and his energetic puppy, Choccy. But when Ellie and Blake discover a magical old phone and a mouse determined to get rid of them, they’re have to get along together.


Congratulation to Sweet Cherry Publishing as this week is very special, it is their 10th anniversary celebrating 10 years in Children’s Book Publishing

Ellie any her mum move into Ellie’s great- grandfather’s house where he used to be a vet and ran his practice in the house. Ellie and her mum will live on the first floor and rent the second floor to the Anderson family.

There could be a little job for Ellie as her mum wants to run her own business the cat cafe.

The house is full of cats as Ellie has a total of eight cats all named after famous composers.

Their piano has been put in one of the rooms as Ellie’s mum used to be a musician.

When the Anderson family arrive Blake brings in his energetic puppy Choccy, where Ellie and Blake sort through Ellie’s late grand-fathers trunk where they find an old fashioned Bakelite phone.

I won’t say why but Herriot the caretaker mouse is not happy with Ellie.

Children will absolutely love this book Magic Animal Cafe as it really is so much fun and has beautiful illustrations.


Writing for kids is one of the most enjoyable things I’ve ever done. I love being transported to a simpler, brighter place where adult problems fade into the background and you see the world through the eyes of a child again. I’ve taken a bit of a break from fiction while writing educational books and mini-documentaries (which is also hugely enjoyable). But now I’m back!

After writing my Greek mythology inspired Hopeless Heroes series, I wasn’t quite sure where to go next. More myths-type stories, most likely. Meanwhile, Sweet Cherry Publishing were coming up with ideas of their own. When they asked me to write a series about a magical cat cafe, I jumped at the chance! It was something new for me, so I did what I always do when a new opportunity comes along – throw myself in head first and hope I land on my feet!


And this is what I’ve got to show for it so far 

Doesn’t the cover of book 1 of the Magic Animal Café look great! There are many illustrations throughout and it’s amazing seeing my words brought to life by a talented illustrator.

It’s quite a different experience fleshing out and realising someone else’s vision. There’s a lot more back and forth with the editors as we build up the series, and I’m enjoying the team work aspect of it. While they set the foundations, I had the privilege of coming up with the details and storylines. The stories combine my life-long love of animals (who else but an animal lover would call a mouse Herriot?) with my interest in old phones (I have an antique phone collection) and my delight in creating quirky characters. I’ve just signed off on book 5 – and there are another 5 to go!

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You can find author Stella TARAKSON on her website



#Adventure Dayze @lovebooksgroup @mullane_wayne @lovebookstours blog tour


Independently published 3rd June 2021

Genre: Non-fiction, mental health, birdwatching, walking and trekking 

Pages: 200

Hiking is the gateway to adventure.

Being in the Great Outdoors is great for the mind, body, and soul. And the even better news? It needn’t involve much more than putting on a pair of trainers and heading out your front door.

In Adventure Dayze, author Wayne Mullane recounts his hiking experiences in Britain and Ireland with his friends, including overcoming limitations walking at altitude and having a dodgy sense of direction!

This book aims to help you get started… or, if you’re a seasoned hiker, to encourage you to hike with renewed vigour. This story shares insights and discusses the benefits of hiking, including fitness, friendship, courage, mental health, and…err…the joy of eating.

Adventure Dayze will inspire you to overcome your limitations and get outdoors to enjoy all the unique beauty that is on offer. Even pandemic lockdowns won’t be able to suppress your exploration, as the author found out, there are many ways to bring the outdoors inside when there’s no other choice.


I was absolutely fascinated by this book written by Wayne Mullane, so much so that I decided to do my research online about Wayne’s hiking up mountains.

The book Adventure Dayze is not a guidebook for a particular hike it is more of an overview of hiking and its benefits. Even I do a one mile walk most days, early evening, not to lose weight or anything just simply to get fresh air and the heart pumping round.

Wayne Mullane takes readers through his own mission in long walks, and hiking mountains with his friends. While They are all hiking up Scafell Pike in the Lake District Wayne suffers from the fear of heights, acrophobia was setting in. But he loves being at altitude, so despite having a fear of heights, he does love the benefits to his mental health and being high up did outweigh his level of acrophobia.

Scafell Pike is the highest promient Mountain in England being 978 meters or 3,209ft and takes up to 2 hours to hike up and 2 hours down. I can imagine that’s once up on top of Scafell Pike there must be a lovely view looking down. Lucky for me I’m not scared of heights I just the opposite from Wayne I’m claustrophobic, so I did understand that wayne suffered from acrophobia. I really did feel sorry for him, as when you have a phobia about something it plays havoc with your life at some point. The main thing is Wayne managed to conquer his acrophobia.

Wayne and his friends stop at pubs to discuss what route they will take next to hike. There is a part set within this book in why Wayne walks. And what happened during lockdown when his friends couldn’t meet up.

Adventure Dayze is so inspiring to get out there and start walking. This book has been well planned out with handy tips for those wanting to start hiking.

Author Bio
I live in Maidenhead, England. I’m a local council worker. My main hobbies are hiking, writing and playing board games. I also like spending time with family and friends. As well as writing about my hiking adventures, I write short stories and poems that appear on my website. I enjoy reading books on travel and fantasy novel.

Here is where you can find Wayne Mullane




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The Island of Missing Trees Elif Shafak

Today I’m celebrating the Cheltenham Literature festival by being part of this amazing blog tour reviewing The Island of Missing Trees by the fabulous author Elif Shafak.



It is 1974 on the island of Cyprus. Two teenagers, from opposite sides of a divided land, meet at a tavern in the city they both call home. The tavern is the only place that Kostas, who is Greek and Christian, and Defne, who is Turkish and Muslim, can meet, in secret, hidden beneath the blackened beams from which hang garlands of garlic, chilli peppers and wild herbs. This is where one can find the best food in town, the best music, the best wine. But there is something else to the place: it makes one forget, even if for just a few hours, the world outside and its immoderate sorrows.

In the centre of the tavern, growing through a cavity in the roof, is a fig tree. This tree will witness their hushed, happy meetings, their silent, surreptitious departures; and the tree will be there when the war breaks out, when the capital is reduced to rubble, when the teenagers vanish and break apart.

Decades later in north London, sixteen-year-old Ada Kazantzakis has never visited the island where her parents were born. Desperate for answers, she seeks to untangle years of secrets, separation and silence. The only connection she has to the land of her ancestors is a Ficus Carica growing in the back garden of their home.

In The Island of Missing Trees, prizewinning author Elif Shafak brings us a rich, magical tale of belonging and identity, love and trauma, memory and amnesia, human-induced destruction of nature, and, finally, renewal.


The Island of Missing Trees, is from the author Booker shortlisted author of 10 Minutes 38 Seconds in this Strange World.

Elif Shafak is an award-winning British-Turkish novelist whose work has been translated into 54 languages and is the top 10 Sunday Times Bestseller. All of the six chapters are beautiful written.

Prologue Island

PART ONE How to Bury a Tree



PART FOUR Branches

PART FIVE Ecosystem

PART SIX How to unbury a Tree

I loved all of the chapters, where there was plenty that amazed me about the literature fiction.

In the chapter Fig Tree there was something that really grabbed my attention as this kind of thing really does happen in real life.

Extract from The Island of Missing Trees: chapter Fig Tree

It was he, after all, who had brought me to this sunless country from Cyprus, hidden inside a black leather suitcase. I was, if truth be told, smuggled on to the European continent.

At Heathrow airport, as Kostas pulled the suitcase past the gaze of a burly custom officer, I tensed, expecting him to be stopped and searched any second. His wife meanwhile, walked ahead of us, her stride brisk, purposeful and impatient as always. Define was pregnant with Ada at the time, though they did not yet know it. They thought they were bringing only me into England, unaware that they were also bringing their unborn child.

When the arrivals doors opened wide, Kostas exclaimed, unable to control the excitement in his voice. “We’re here, we made it, we made it! Welcome to your new home.

Was he talking to his wife or was he talking to me? I’d like to think it was the latter. Either way, that was more than sixteen years ago. I have never been back to Cyprus since.

I still carry the Island with me, though. The places where we were born are the shape of our lives, even when we are away from them.


Elif Shafak is an award-winning British-Turkish novelist. She has published 19 books, 12 of which are novels. She is a bestselling author in many countries around the world and her work has been translated into 55 languages. Her latest novel 10 Minutes 38 Seconds in this Strange World was shortlisted for the Booker Prize and RSL Ondaatje Prize; and was Blackwell’s Book of the Year. The Forty Rules of Love was chosen by BBC among the 100 Novels that Shaped Our World. The Architect’s Apprentice was chosen for the Duchess of Cornwall’s inaugural book club, The Reading Room.


A Discovery Disappears Pip Murphy blog tour


Book 1 in the 1920’s detective series


ISBN 9781782268147



It’s not easy growing up in the 1920s. While Christie can usually be found up a tree or trying a spot of amateur engineering, her shy twin Agatha buries her nose in books and dreams of being a writer. The pair couldn’t be more different. But when a scientific discovery goes missing, they find that together they can make a winning combination.

Whoever gave you that sandwich did it deliberately. They wanted to sabotage Fleming’s research.

When Agatha accidentally eats a major scientific discovery hidden in a sandwich it’s a race against time for the twins Christie and Agatha to find out who’s trying to ruin physician Sir Alexander Fleming reputation.


I’m very excited to be part of the Christie and Agatha blog tour for book 1 of the new Christie and Agatha detective agency book, which is book 1 from an exciting new book series.

Oh dear ! At a tea party, Christie eats a sandwich that Mr Fleming a scientist had been keeping for his research. Now Agatha and Christie are on the case to find out how this could have possibly happened to Christie.

So who is it ?

Who’s been messing with Flemming’s discovery of mould juice? 🤷

A Discovery Disappears Christie and Agatha’s detective agency is a brilliant entertaining modern day story and provides beautiful modern illustrations.

I thought this book was wonderful with a special QR code to a free audiobook for every reader.

To help you on your way to discover what’s in store for twins Christie and Agatha I’m sharing with you a sneak preview from chapter one in what the book 1 looks like. I do hope you will enjoy it reading it to your children as much as I have reading it.



GenreChildren’s, Mystery, Young Adult

Pip Murphy is a British author who lived her early life in England on the Wirral. She has loved reading her whole life. She read every book in her primary school, some of them more than once!

Pip studied Classics at Edinburgh University, before relocating to Tokyo, Japan where she currently teaches English. She believes that humour and creativity are the best ways to learn.

Sweet Cherry Publishing 🍒 is an award-winning independent children’s book publisher based in Leicester. We believe that all children should have access to great stories and aim to make reading fun for children aged between 0 and 14.

Sweet Cherry Publishing 🍒 was awarded Small Press of the Year at The British Book Awards in 2021.


What Page Sir? Simon Pickering



What Page Sir ? The Joy of Text in a Secondary School Classroom

Not being on the same wavelength as your students is an occupational hazard for teachers. But for the English department, there’s the challenge of engaging a whole class in text they’re at best reluctant to read, and at worst loathe to.

What Page Sir ? records the hilarious and sometimes painful experience of secondary school English teacher as he struggles through some very familiar literary texts with some very unenthusiastic teenagers.

From the coalface of the education system. Simon Pickering serves up the comedy every teacher could do without, from rhyming couplets to re-sits. Ofsted to Covid and everything in between.

Featuring the unusual suspects Austen, Priestly, Golding, Waugh, Hemingway, Steinbeck, Greene, Conan Doyle, Orwell, Dickens, Shelly and of course, the Scottish Play this book provides a fresh and irreverent look at the stalwarts of the school curriculum and asks whether it is finally time for a change.

If Mr Pickering had done his job well and taught me right syllabus, maybe I would have studied English at university. Be didn’t and now I’m a full time drummer who loves Pride and Prejudice. I guess it worked out in the end.


What I liked about What Page Sir ? is that it discusses passages from books, that I haven’t read, leading me to actually learn a few things myself.

Until I read this book, I hadn’t quite realised how much teachers try to make a lesson an enjoyable one when it comes to reading a book that might appear boring to some in the classroom. As pupils in the class study a topic of a book they are encouraged make notes of characters.

All of these great writers are mentioned in all these chapters. Macbeth, Great Expectations, Pride and Prejudice, An Inspector Calls, Romeo and Juliet, Lord of the Flies, A Christmas Carol.

Simon Pickering a school teacher takes us through his journey of the schools he has filled in for just before lockdown and talks about after his first year of teaching in a boys comprehensive school.

I found this part very interesting in What Page Sir? Where it is explained all about it the 1990s and early 2000s, about year 9 third year pupils studying for their SATs Standard Assessment Tests.

In the book, what page Sir ? The most popular choice of Modern Text for GCSE is An Inspector Calls as it’s a much easier to read. However the teacher in year 10 finds that some of the boys are reluctant to find a given page or even open the book. With the teacher telling the class what page to turn to, one would ask What Page Sir ? then another in the class would say Sorry sir, what page was that ? Well actually I do remember that well, when someone in my class would ask my English teacher the same question.

There’s nothing wrong with reading Orwell, Dickens, Hemingway but I just personally feel that maybe pupils need a break from reading about past authors. This is clearly because times have changed.

Now days with so many authors producing engaging novels, some teenagers would rather read an up to date book than eighteenth century. And then you get some pupils that don’t mind reading books by past authors.

My heart goes out to all teachers who have to engage in the classroom to capture their attention, making a boring subject become more interesting.

Maybe some of the trouble that teenagers may not be paying attention these days when reading for a GCSE is that too many teenagers are more programmed into playing games on their phone and Xbox, rather than read.

My thirteen year old grandson will not read anything, all he does is play on his Xbox. I do worry as in a few years time he will have to read a book for his GCSE, or simply fail his English exam. He is the only one in our family who doesn’t read.

I blame the technology of today that teenagers which just aren’t reading enough.

In our days we read more because we didn’t have all this technology to distract us.

Here on the plus side of reading about Austen, Macbeth, An Inspector Calls , Orwell, Hemingway, Dickens Waugh and Steinbeck, there are always questions coming up on quiz shows etc about them and for those who have read or had to study them for an exam will know the answers.

The question has been raised is it time for a change ? With the studies of Austen, Priestley, Golding, Waugh, Hemingway, Steinbeck, Greene, Conan Doyle, Orwell, Dickens, Shelley, and the Scottish Play. I think this comes down to personal opinion on the reader within themselves. Austen is my top favourite author.

With my curiosity about what pupils are studying these days for GCSE, I decided to look it up on the internet and indeed it looks like times have changed with some Modern Prose Text, being available with the likes of books that we can all recognise, with, To kill a Mockingbird Harper Lee, Boys Don’t Cry, Malorie Blackman, women in Black, Susan Hill, Never Let Me Go , Kazuo Ishiguro, and About A Boy, Nick Hornby. These are just a few of Modern Prose Text for GCSE, there are quite a few more really good books available for teenagers studying for their exams.

Back to the point of all past authors, set for GCSE, why are GCSE about nineteenth century? Well did you know Michael Gove is the one who made it compulsory for all pupils to sit final exams on a nineteenth century novel which therefore it’s unfortunate for teachers who are responsible for some of the most boring lessons in a students life.

I personally loved reading What Page Sir ? The Joy of Text in a Secondary School Classroom, as it taught me a lot about books that I haven’t even read, and with the hilarious scenes in a classroom, and recommend it .


What Page Sir ? Is Simon Pickerings fifth book. He began writing in 2016 and as a form of therapy, on the train home from his job as a school teacher an antidote to difficult teenagers and pointless government and Senior Leadership initiatives. These are both explored in Ambassadors and Zombies A Teacher’s Guide to Schools and teaching. As Adam Tangent, his alter ego, he has published Those Who Can’t, A Teacher’s Gap Years, based on his two years pretending to be a university lecturer in post-communist Poland at the start of the 1990s. In the last year he has also published Living With Jos Buttler six weeks in English cricket’s summer of love and Gaza On My Mind conversations with my brother-in-law and other Gazans. Simon is still a school teacher and lives in Hertford with his wife and two children.

Here is the Amazon to buy What Page Sir ?


Primary Obsessions Charles Demers blog tour



The endearing and unflappable Dr. Annick Boudreau regularly confronts a myriad of mental health issues in her psychiatric practice at the West Coast Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Clinic. But even Annick is stunned when Sanjay, a young patient who suffers from Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, is arrested for the brutal murder of his roommate.

While Sanjay is tortured by repeated violent thoughts, he is horrified by them and Annick is convinced that he would never enact one of them in real life. But the police and prosecutor are convinced that they have caught the perpetrator and aren’t interested in looking very hard.


I am pleased to let you all know that the novel Primary Obsessions by Charles Demers is shortlisted for the 2021 Bill Duthie Booksellers Choice Award.

The story starts off a bit creepy, that grabbed my attention from the first page. The chapters certainly made me go weak at the knees.

I totally agree with Nathan Ripley author of Find You in the Dark what he says about Primary Obsessions. Delivers a nuanced portrayal of stigmatization of mental illness in collision with crime.

Here is an extract from Primary Obsessions to show you just what I’m talking about in how creepy it is.

Do you want me to keep going.

I want you to move at whatever pace makes you feel comfortable. Don’t worry about time.

Okay. Well, like I go to pull out the knife, but she’s still breathing. And then every, like, breath she takes is it’s like of gasping? And it spatters, everywhere, blood. All over me, all over her.

It’s really important for me that you know that me asking this, it’s not about judgment.

No I know.

I’m just trying to get a fuller picture.

No I know, I know, he said, and was beginning to cry now, ignoring the box of tissues on the stand next to him, and instead wiping his eyes, his nose all of it with the heel of his palm. I just don’t even like to say it out loud. Because it feels more real?

Yeah, he said, she wa es breaking over the shore, his cheeks flooding with salty rivulets dully reflecting the soft lamplight in the room. The overhead fluorescent were off. They were always off. I keep stabbing her and stabbing her, her eyes, her like her front. Like her, her down.

Her genitals ?

The young man sobbed nodded and sobbed.

It’s okay.

It’s not okay, he screamed quietly, grinding his teeth. She’s my mother.

She’s helpless. What kind of person does that to their own mother?

During sessions like these, Dr Annick Boudreau wished she still had her hair.



Charles Demers (born 1980) is a Canadian writer, comedian and political activist. He was born in Vancouver, British Columbia. He is a lecturer at the University of British Columbia, where he teaches a Creative Writing course about writing comedy.

Demers has published three books: a novel and two collections of essays. His first essay collection, Vancouver Special, was nominated for a Hubert Evans Non-Fiction Prize. He also frequently performs comedy at live venues across Canada and on the CBC Radio One, where he often appears on the show The Debaters. Demers was one of the hosts of the CityNews show The List. He used to be the membership secretary for the Coalition of Progressive Electors.

He is the voice of Walter from Beat Bugs.

Jack in the Box @AngelaCNurse @lovebooktours


Published by F and J publishing 8th June 2021

326 pages

ISBN: 9781914597015

Who do you trust when everyone has a secret?

When single mother Rowan joins her Uncle Jack’s detective agency she doesn’t expect his murder to be her first case. To find out who is responsible for his death she will need to solve another mystery, the disappearance of Jack’s best friend 30 years earlier.

Someone doesn’t want Rowan digging up the past and they’re prepared to go to any lengths to keep their secrets hidden. Can she stand up to the danger, protect her daughter and bring a murderer to justice?


I’m really pleased to find a new crime author Angela C Nurse to follow, who has written this amazing book 1 Jack in a box a Rowan McFarlane mystery and I’m delighted to inform you all that author Angela C Nurse also has published on the 23rd August 2021 the paperback book 2 Sally in the Woods the Rowan McFarlane mystery

I loved reading Jack in a Box, it was full of heartbreak and a murder mystery.

Pregnant 15 year old Rowan’s strict parents gave her the choice, if she wanted to carry on living at home she would have to get rid of her baby or leave their house, cutting her off from any support. I couldn’t believe how Rowan’s own parents wouldn’t give their love and support to their own daughter.

In need of somewhere to stay she called on her uncle Jack a private investigator and had lived with him since a young age of fifteen. Jack had gone into partnership with Mark an ex-police officer. Rowan begins to join her uncle Jack’s detective agency.

When Jack dies, Rowan is distraught, he was her rock, Jack encouraged her to do so many things and always gave his full support to Rowan.

Now Jack is dead Rowan has to be brave enough to identify him. Rowan had been left everything by Jack, but now she won’t stop until she solves who is responsible for the death of her uncle Jack. The story of Jack a private investigator being murdered leaded me to be glued to the story to find out if Rowan will solve the case who killed Jack and why? And then there’s another mystery case for Rowan to solve.

My heart went out to Rowan and her daughter, specifically as Rowan has to break the sad news that her brother is dead.

Jack in a box made my tummy flutter as the police issue a statement that human remains have been discovered.

I strongly recommend The book Jack in a Box as it is really is a fabulous thriller, one to get very excited about.

Twitter https://www.twitter.com/AngelaCNurse

Instagram https://www.Instagram.com/Angelac1975


Born in the Kingdom of Fife, Angela spent her teenage years in Penzance before returning to Scotland. She has had a varied career from Nursery Nurse to Bank Manager before becoming a full-time writer. Her Rowan McFarlane Mysteries are set in the fictional town of Cuddieford, which lies somewhere between Dunfermline and Kirkcaldy.
 Angela now lives with her husband in Fife looking out on the River Forth where she can easily see her favourite bridge, the Forth Rail Bridge. When she is not writing she can be found walking the coast or touring the countryside in her campervan.
Amazon To buy link

I would like to thank Kelly @lovebooktours for sending me the paperback and for very kindly inviting me to take part in this brilliant book tour.