Art and Grace  A Regency Novel CATHERINE E. CHAPMAN 

Art & Grace A Regency Novel By Catherine E. Chapman 

Bristol, England, in the early Nineteenth Century. The slave trade has been abolished but slavery itself has not yet been outlawed.

Bess, a young woman of mixed heritage, has an ambiguous position in the home of the once-eminent Liston family. Raised and educated alongside the family’s children, Richard and Artemisia, she has been increasingly confined to the role of a domestic servant since the death of Joshua Liston, the household’s head.

When Richard Liston instigates an introduction between Captain Adam Bryce, a Royal Naval officer of repute, and his sister, Artemisia, Adam shows greater interest in Bess. Pressed by Artemisia to stalk Adam, Bess’s problems begin. And when the ailing matriarch, Elizabeth Liston, presents Bess with an impossible choice, the weaving of a web of deceit commences that will ultimately push Bess and Artemisia’s friendship to the brink.

As the scene shifts to rural Somerset, things are far from serene: Sebastian Weston, occupant of the grand Milton Abbey, means to hold both Bess and Artemisia in his thrall. Rivalries ensue, the bond between Artemisia and Bess being strained by their allegiances to the men in their lives.
Charting the turbulent waters of family commitments and amorous liaisons, it’s hard to fathom who to trust and whom to love. 


I read Art & Grace in paperback. I have read a lot of mills and boon romance books, some were regency, so I easily whizzed through Art & Grace a regency novel. I loved how the author Catherine E. Chapman thought through of an unusual way for a domestic servant to meet Captain Bryce. 

One fine morning late April as Bess was cleaning the outside steps, when ouch!! someone no other than Captain Bryce stepped on her hands in his heavy boots. Captain Bryce soon has an interest in Bess. 

Art & Grace is a lovely story with twists that I certainly wouldn’t have seen coming, within this beautiful story. I do highly recommend Art & Grace even if you don’t read Regency novels, I can assure you that it’s most definitely an excellent read. 


Catherine E Chapman is a writer of women’s fiction and contemporary and historical romantic fiction. Her longer works have been described as accessible character fiction, humour often being an important ingredient.
Catherine E. Chapman has seven short historical romances are available in the anthology, ‘Collected Romances,’ in digital and print format.

Most of Catherine E. Chapman’s books are available digitally from Amazon, Smashwords and their retailers (B&N, Apple, Kobo, etc). Some are also available in print.

Her latest  publication, ‘Art & Grace,’ is a romance set in Regency England. It is currently available digitally and in print from Amazon and enrolled in Kindle Unlimited.

For tasters of Catherine E. Chapman’s contemporary writing, five short stories are available to download free from Smashwords and their retailers.

The author Catherine E. Chapman always likes to say a big thank you to the many readers and reviewers at Goodreads, who have taken time and care over reading, rating and commenting on her books. She really values  feedback from readers so, if you have any comments to make on her fiction, please let me know. 




Published in hardback by Virago 7th November 2019

A gripping account of the unsolved death of an Indigenous teenager, and the detective determined to find her killer, set against the backdrop of a troubled city. 

On August 17, 2014, the body of fifteen-year old indigenous runaway Tina Fontaine was found weighted down in the Red River in the Canadian city of Winnipeg. 

The loss of Tina was a tragedy for her family and for the indigenous community. But it also exposed a national scandal. Indigenous women were vastly more likely than other Canadians to be assaulted and killed. Over the past few decades, hundreds had been murdered or missing. Many of these cases have never been solved.

Tina Fontaine’s death caused an outcry across Canada. The police investigation and trial that followed sparked a widespread debate on the treatment of indigenous women, while the movement protesting those missing and murdered became an international news story.

In an astonishing Award-winning BBC reporter and documentary maker Joanna Jolly has reconstructed Tina’s life, from her childhood on the Sagkeeng First Nation Reserve to her difficult teenage years . Red River Girl is the compelling story of the elaborate police investigation into Fontaine’s death and the detective obsessed with bringing her killer to justice and a exploration of the dark of a country known for its tolerance and liberal values . It reveals how indigenous women, sex workers, community leaders and activists are fighting back to protect themselves and change perceptions. Most importantly, Red River Girl is an unforgettable description of the search for justice.

On the Sunday that Tina Fontaine’s body was found in the Red River, her great aunt and official guardian, Thelma Favel, had been spending the afternoon at her house on the outskirts of Sagkeeng First National reserve. Outside, under a wide sky, the birch and aspen were turning yellow in the late summer sun. Thelma remained inside, too anxious to enjoy the good weather. Six weeks earlier, her baby, as she liked to call Tina, had gone missing. 

Tragic true story . 

Each year, Canadian women are murderd or disappear never to be seen again. Some end up in a river that runs through the heart of Winnipeg. Red river Girl is the account of the unsolved death of an indigenous teenager, and the detective determined to find her killer, set against the backdrop of a troubled city. 

on 17th August 2014, the body of fifteen year old runaway Tina Fontaine was found weighed down in the Red River in the Canadian city of Winnipeg. Her death caused an outcry across Canada. 

BBC reporter and documentary maker Joanna Jolly has done a really good story reconstructing Tina’s life from her childhood on the Sagkeeng First Nation Reserve to her difficult teenage years. The killer was charged with second-degree murder.


Joanna Jolly is an award winning journalist based in London and Wiltshire. She began her career working for a Japanese newspaper before moving on to freelance in India and Australia. In 1999, she covered the fight for the independence in East Timor, remaining in the country for two years as the Associated Press correspondent. Over the past decade she worked as a BBC reporter in Jerusalem, South Africa, Brussels, Washington and India as well as the BBC correspondent in Kathmandu, Nepal. During that time Jolly specialised in stories of sexual violence against women. In 2016 she earned a prestigious followship at the Harvard Kennedy School of Government . Jolly has won several awards, including the 2014 Association of International Broadcasting’s best radio current affairs documentary award for her in depth look at the prosecution of rape in India. In 2015, her documentary on missing and murdered Indigenous women in Canada won the Amnesty award for best radio. In 2017, she was awarded a judge’s Special Commendation at the RSL Giles St Aubyn Awards for the Non-Fiction. Red River Girl is her first book.




Published by Headline 


A moment on the platform changes two lives forever. But nothing is as it seems…

‘Take my baby.’

In a split second, Morgan’s life changes forever. A stranger hands her a baby, then jumps in front of a train.

Morgan has never seen the woman before and she can’t understand what would cause a person to give away her child and take her own life.

When the police question Morgan, she discovers none of the witnesses can corroborate her version of events. And when they learn Morgan longs for a baby of her own, she becomes a suspect.

To prove her innocence, Morgan frantically tries to retrace the last days of the woman’s life. She begins to understand that Nicole Markham believed she and her baby were in danger. Now Morgan might be in danger, too.

Was Nicole a new mother struggling with paranoia?

Or was something much darker going on?


Everyone is going to be talking about this novel as the hype of The Woman On The Edge is real, there are no ifs or buts it’s the book everyone wants to reads. 

Morgan is a social worker who recognises the signs of stress. But she didn’t notice anything wrong with her husband, who she found dead. 

Then with Morgan on the way to work standing on the platform a woman with a baby says her name Morgan I’ve been watching you, please take my baby, don’t let anyone hurt he. Love her for me, then the woman dumped her baby into Morgan’s arms. Without warning the woman jumped off the platform edge. 

How did this woman know Morgan’s name? And why was she watching Morgan for a long time? 

The sad part is when police take Morgan in for questioning, witnesses say Morgan took the woman’s baby off her. Here must be a classic example of what passengers see and what really happened.

The tension throughout is fast and real.

I myself have to congratulate Samantha M Bailey on an absolute superbly story that has everything I search for in a story full of twists leading the way. 

I simply have to express Woman on the Edge is a must read.


Samantha M. Bailey is a Toronto based and freelance editor. Her work has appeared in Now Magazine and The Village Post, and with Oxford University Press, among other publications. She was a writer in residence for Kobo Writing Life at BookExpo America 2013, and is the cofounder of BookBuzz, a promotional and interactive author reader event held in New York City and Toronto. Woman on the Edge is her debut novel. Connect with her on Twitter @SBaileyBooks and on her website at





Hardback published by Harper Collins 

Hardback ISBN 9780008372446

Do you find household chores getting on top of you in December?

Want to get ahead in the run up to the festive season?

Let the queen of clean show you how to take control of your house and your Christmas to-do-list. Featuring her monthly routines and easy step-by step guides, this festive edition includes cleaning tips and home hacks to see you through the party season and take on even the most daunting tasks to leave you with a clean, calm and happy home.

This is the ultimate guide to staying on top of all the housework, leaving you with time to enjoy a glass of mulled wine.


I’m sorry this book wasn’t for me. 

In my view this book isn’t a run-out and must buy, and neither do I recommend that anyone rushes out to buy this book as a Christmas present.  I have to say that there really isn’t much I don’t know about house cleaning and I expect you know everything about house cleaning too.  I’ve always known you can use things like white wine vinegar etc. 

The only thing that Lynsey brings to the book is her cleaning is her homemade products of white wine vinger that is a degreaser and mild disinfectant. Bicarbonate of soda that is a natural mild abrasive and deodoriser and a few other things for cleaning certain things around the house. That is technically a well known to use these if you require too. 

 This all very well using homemade cleaning products,  but I much prefer to use bought cleaning product. Lynsey also lists, cleaning products to buy,  which I didn’t really see the point in doing as every woman on the planet knows what bought cleaning products you need or can buy, I don’t think we need to be told in the book.

Then there is another list explaining you need rubber gloves and a toothbrush which I use anyway . Why say we need rubber gloves when it’s common knowledge to use rubber gloves. I personally use a toothbrush for cleaning round taps, and in gaps behind radiator pipes. 

Now don’t laugh but Lynsey also lists Additional Must-have tools, and guess what? It’s a Hoover and mop and bucket. Well I certainly have a hover and mop and bucket and I’m sure you all have too.  I think that’s a bit silly to add that in the book. 

As for stubborn stains I’m quite sure all anyone has to do is look on the Internet and you will most likely find your answer. 

There is a section on Making a Christmas to do list, preparing for visiting guest into your home, now I’ve been preparing all my Christmas lists for so many years Im sorry but I don’t feel the need to be told in a book to buy presents, write Christmas cards, and to put up decorations and tree. And of course if you are lucky to have a guest room for family or friends, I don’t think you need to be reminded in a book to prepare the room and to do extra baking of mince pies.

I’m very disappointed with this book edition as I learned absolutely nothing new. 


Lynsey Crombie, is Clean, is the UK’s most popular TV cleaning expert. She regularly appears on ITV This Morning and Good Morning Britain, sharing her wonderful tips and knowledge.  Lynsey’s social media channels have over 200k followers along with a website reaching 40/50k per month. Her devoted followers and fans turn to her every single day for her expert tips and tricks. Lynsey was first seen back in 2014 on channel 4’s Obsessive Compulsive Cleaners where she was a regular cast member, cleaning some of Britian’s dirtiest homes.

Shadowhunters Slipcase collection 

SHADOWHUNTERS by Cassandra Clare

Shadowhunters slipcase published by Walker Books

ISBN 9781406392067


3  books inside Shadowhunters slipcase

It is not easy being Magnus Bane. As a warlock, he’s often called upon to fix the problems of others.

Simon Lewis has been a human and a vampire and now he is becoming a shadowhunter.

The Shadow Market is a meeting point for faeries, warewolves, warlocks and vampires.



Cassandra Clare is the new queen of fantasy.

I decided as I’ve never read anything from the shadowhunters that I would revamp up, on this type of genre of books. 
It may have taken me a few days get through all three books of The Bane Chronicles, Tales From The Shadowhunter Academy, and, Ghost Of The Shadow Market, but it was all worth it. This Shadowhunters Slipcase, stole my heart, with the paranormal, fantasy and werewolves. 
These types of books are going to be around for a long time, not just for the young adults but for the older generation too, as the storylines go beyond limits for further more instalments . 
I hope to one day come back to this type of reading genre as the storylines are very quite normal and then again stretched my imagination to a totally different area that I’ve never experienced. 
I would like to thank Walker books for sending me the Bane Chronicles Shadowhunters slipcase to read and review. This collection of just the 3 books The Bane Chronicles and Tales a From Shadowhunter Acdemy plus Ghost of the shadow Market in a slipcase would make a lovely Christmas gift or birthday present. 
I actually received all 3 books in the slipcase and you may be able to find all three books in one slipcase on Amazon The Bane Chronicles and Tales From The Shadowhunter Acdemy and Ghost of The Shadow Market.




Hardback published by Century 28th November 2019

Happy publication day.

Alastair Sheridan has it all. Wealth, good looks, a beautiful wife and children and, in the chaotic world of British politics, a real chance of becoming Prime Minister.

But Alastair also has a secret. He’s a serial killer with a taste for young women.

Only a handful of people know what kind of monster he is, and disgraced detective Ray Mason is one of them.

Awaiting trial for murder, Ray is unexpectedly broken free by armed men and given an offer assassinate Alastair Sheridan and begin a new life abroad with a new identity.

The men claimed to be from M16. They say that Sheridan is a threat to national security and needs to be neutralised. Ray knows they are not who they say they are, and that their real motives are far darker.

The only person Ray trusts is ex cop and former lover Tina Boyd, who’s keen to settle her own scores with Sheridan.

With enemies on every side, o Ly one thing is certain.

No one wants them to get out alive.


Die Alone is book 3 of The Bone Field trilogy. Book 1 of The Bone Field is, The Bone Field. Book 2 of The Bone trilogy is The Hanged Man and book 3 of The Bone trilogy is Die Alone.

Die Alone is the first book that I have read of The Bone Field trilogy. You can very easily read Die Alone as a standalone book. 

Simon Kernick knows how to pull his readers in with a fast paced thriller story. I would recommend reading Die Alone to men and women who lives for gripping thrilling stuff. There is plenty within in this page turning story for book club to discuss. 

The prologue alone had me gripped with my heart racing, not knowing what was about to happen next, and what happened shocked me, so much I wasn’t ready for this disturbing part. 

What’s to be geared up for is a public figure, a loyal husband, a serial killer and with enemies on every side. 

I recommend Die Alone with scenes, perfect to explore for all you thriller base fans.


Simon Kernick is one of Britain’s most exciting thriller writers. He arrived on the crime writing scene with his highly acclaimed debut novel The Business of Dying, the story of a corrupt cop moonlighting as a hitman. Simon’s big breakthrough came with his novel Relentless which was the biggest selling thriller of 2007. His most recent crime thrillers include Siege, Ultimatum, Stay Alive and The Final Minute. He is also the author of the bestselling three-part serial thrillers Dead Man’s Gift and One by One.
Simon talks both on and off the record to members of the Counter Terrorism Command and the Serious and Organised Crime Agency, so he gets to hear first-hand what actually happens in the dark and murky underbelly of UK crime. 

You can find Simon Kernick on Twitter @SimonKernick



Paperback published by wiDo Publishing 28th September 2019

Officer Ryan Quinn, a rookie raised in a family of cops, is on the fast track to detective until he shoots an unarmed black male. Now, with his career, reputation and freedom on the line, he embarks on a quest for redemption that forces him to confront his fears and biases and choose between conscience or silence.

Jade Wakefield is an emotionally damaged college student living in one of Philadelphia’s worst neighborhoods. She knows the chances of getting an indictment against the cop who killed her brother are slim. When she learns there’s more to the story than the official police account, Jade is determined, even desperate, to find out what really happened. She plans to get revenge by any means necessary.

Kelly Randolph, who returns to Philadelphia broke and broken after abandoning his family ten years earlier, seeks forgiveness while mourning the death of his son. But after he’s thrust into the spotlight as the face of the protest movement, his disavowed criminal past resurfaces and threatens to derail the family’s pursuit of justice.

Ryan, Jade, and Kelly–three people from different worlds—are on a collision course after the shooting, as their lives interconnect and then spiral into chaos


I’m confirming to all you suspense crime readers, Stephen Clark is your man as a new crime writer I’m introducing to you, Hands Up that is a crime story based around two policemen. 

One policeman Ryan Quinn says I’m not a murderder. When policemen Ryan and his partner Sgt Greg Byrnes, stop a black man for driving with no lights on, they order nineteen year old Tyrell out of his car. When Ryan shoots dead Tyrell, it could lead Ryan and Greg in trouble. They both must take action between them and sum up what they both going to say when questioned, knowing full well that there will be a huge dispute or just a simple investigation about this incident. 

Ryan’s confession is that Tyrell refused to show Greg his identification and he punched officer Greg knocking his gun loose, so the officer Ryan shot the suspect as the suspect reached for the gun. 
From ambitious policemen, to the other side of this fatal shooting. Tyrell’s family are grieving over their lost of him. The family are in full support of Tyrell, they know full well that Tyrell isn’t the type of young man to want to grab a gun and believe that being black the cops shot him. 

What is the truth here? And what will the outcome be? 

What I most particularly liked about this police drama is that we don’t only get to see what the police incident, but we go through inside to the lives of the family that are not only grieving for Tyrell, but the fight they have, arguing that the cops must have been wrong shooting Tyrell to death.


Twitter @stephcwrites

Stephen Clark is a former award-winning journalist who served as a staff writer for the Los Angeles Times and as a politics editor for the Washington, D.C. bureau of As a reporter for the Utica Observer-Dispatch, he won a New York Newspaper Publishers Association Award of Distinguished Community Service for his investigation into the financial struggles of nonprofit services.

He also won a Society of Professional Journalists Award for Investigative Reporting at the Stamford Advocate for his series exposing an elderly grifter’s charity organization. Stephen grew up in the suburbs of Philadelphia and now lives in North Jersey with his wife and son. He has a bachelor’s degree in communications from Arcadia University and a master’s degree in journalism from Syracuse University.