The Nothing Man Catherine Ryan Howard 

The Nothing Man by Catherine Ryan Howard 

Paperback published by Corvus 20th August 2020

I was the girl who survived the Nothing Man.

Now I am the woman who is going to catch him.

You’ve just read the opening pages of the The Nothing Man, the true crime memoir Eve Black has written about her obsessive search for the man who killed her family nearly two decades ago.

Supermarket security guard Jim Doyle is reading it too and with each turn of the page his rage grows. Because Jim was is the Nothing Man.

The more Jim read, the more he realises how dangerously close Eve is getting to the truth. He knows she won’t give up until she finds him. He has no choice but to stop her first.


Wow! Once I started reading just a few words of The Nothing Man I became instantly  hooked, I  just couldn’t take my eyes of the pages it was just impossible to put down and I really mean just impossible to shut the book. Every disturbing detail seemed so real life.

 I know The Nothing Man is going to be a huge best seller with everyone talking about it. With Catherine Ryan Howard’s hard work of thriller writing her books always has that effect on me as page turners.  

The Nothing Man is an absolutely amazing thriller that mixes a fictional true crime with a tense psychological suspense. I just loved it and furthermore I know you are all going to be Seriously addicted to the criminal life of The Nothing Man. 

The Nothing Man has two stories, but one killer. 

The chapters are with one chapter by Eve Black and the next chapter by Jim Boyle that brings every chapter full of tension. 

In The Nothing Man, my heart went out to poor little Eve at such a young age to witness her family’s murder. 

As for the Nothing Man I hated him for murdering too many innocent people. 

When Eve Black was just twelve years old a man broke into her home and murderd her mother, father and her younger seven year old sister, Anna. Eve only escaped as she went to use the bathroom and heard footsteps going to rooms that didn’t sound like her family and sensed something that made her stay in the bathroom until she thought it was safe to come out.  

Eve’s family were the last family that the man attacked, but not the first. Eve Black’s family were the attackers fifth in two years. The horrific murders reminded me of Ted Bundy, how he went on to murder women without being caught. The Nothing Man attacked five victims with either physically assault, sexual assault violently and sexual assault or murder, all without leaving any trace of evidence. 

Now Eve Black is at the age of thirty, she has decided to write a book The Nothing Man about her family’s murder and about his other crimes too.  She can’t stop writing until she finds the killer. 

Supermarket security guard Jim Boyle sees a woman in the supermarket carrying a book called The Nothing Man, he thought it has to be a fiction book. The book must be a new book released this week, he looked for the authors name Eve Black. The tile, The Nothing Man is frightening Jim, pointing at him and accusing him. The Nothing Man was his other name the newspapers had given him. The one on one knew belonged to him. Jim couldn’t help himself he had to know what author Eve Black had written about The Nothing Man. I couldn’t believe it Jim started to read The Nothing Man.  He takes the book home and hides it from his wife and daughter to read it in secret. He can’t stop reading, because he is the killer. 

When Jim finds out Eve Black is going to a book signing, he needs to go alone, but what Jim hasn’t planned is that someone else wants to go to the book signing too. 

Eve Black makes a speech at her book signing. I was the girl who survived the Nothing Man. I am the woman who is going to find him. 

I have to admit I didn’t see the twist adapting and what a surprise it was ! 

Every book with the author’s name Catherine Ryan Howard is a must read. Catherine Ryan Howard is one of the best thriller crime authors that I can get into very easily and I know every reader will enjoy Catherine Ryan Howard’ys work without stopping . And I’m honestly saying to everyone that the newest book The Nothing Man about a fictional true crime memoir that is at the centre of this novel is truly a really big must buy, must read. 

I would like to say a huge thank you to Corvus fir sending me an early proof paperback to read and review. 

About author Catherine Ryan Howard

Twitter @cathryanhoward

Catherine Ryan Howard is an internationally bestselling crime writer from Cork, Ireland. Her debut novel, DISTRESS SIGNALS, was shortlisted for Irish Crime Novel of the Year and the CWA John Creasey/New Blood Dagger. THE LIAR’S GIRL (2018) was shortlisted for the Edgar Award for Best Novel and REWIND (2019) was an Irish Times bestseller and shortlisted for Irish Crime Novel of the Year. Prior to writing full-time, Catherine worked as a campsite courier in France and a front desk agent in Walt Disney World, Florida. She still wants to be an astronaut when she grows up.

Little Secrets Jennifer Hillier 


Little Secrets by Jennifer Hillier

Paperback published by Corvus 7th May 2020

Marin used to have it all. She’s married to the love of her life. Derek, she owns a chain of upscale hair salons, and is admired in her community as head of a loving family. Until the world falls apart the day her son Sebastian is taken.

A year later Marin is a shadow of herself. The police search has gone cold. The publicity has faded. She and her husband rarely speak. With her sanity ebbing, Marin hires a private investigator to pick up where the police left off.

But instead of finding Sebastian, with a much younger woman This discovery sparksMarin back to life. She lost her son, she’s not about to lose her husband. Derek’s mistress is an enemy with a face, which means this is a problem Marin can fix.Permanently.


All it takes to unravel a life is one home truth.

I loved every page of this new thriller Little Secrets. I wanted to read Little Secrets after becoming a big fan of Jennifer Hillier and after reading Jar Of Hearts. 

I was gripped from page one, with my heart thumping. The story starts of on a Sunny day in December, when Marin take her four year old son Sabastian shopping to buy Christmas presents. What possible could go wrong? 

Like all children do love sweets, all four year old Sebastian cares about is a lollipop. 

I must have gone white as Marin takes her eyes off from her son to answer a text message from her husband, when Marin looks up her son is no where in sight. 

Derek and Marin have lost their son and it’s all Marin’s fault, she made a bad mistake answering her text messages, letting go of her son. 

At last a little help has been found with a sighting of Sebastian holding a lollipop, but the person who gave Sebastian the lollipop is a man in a Santa Clause costume. What Derek and Marin find out next is rather very disturbing. 

A lot more flows into the story, with things that happened, that sent me into total shock, I wasn’t prepared for. 

I can’t reveal much more, but I can tell you Little Secrets is really shocking and twisted, your all just love it! 

I totally recommend all people who loves reading to buy any book with the author’s name Jennifer Hillier, attached to it. Both books Jar of Hearts and Little Secrets are honestly a must buy, must read. 

I would like to say huge thank you to Corvus for sending me this paperback to read and review.

About author Jennifer Hillier

Jennifer Hillier writes about dark, twisted people who do dark, twisted things. Born and raised in Toronto and a proud Canadian, she spent eight years in the Seattle area, which is where all her books are set.

She loves her son, her husband, the Seahawks, and Stephen King. Not equally, but close. She’s the author of six novels, including JAR OF HEARTS, which won the Thriller Award, and was shortlisted for the Anthony and Macavity Awards.

Learn more about her at

You can find author Jennifer Hillieron Twitter @JenniferHillier

To Dare Jemma Wayne Blog Tour

To Dare by Jemma Wayne

Paperback published by legend press 1st June 2020

Veronica and her wealthy husband George are unpacking boxes, hoping a fresh start in their newly refurbished Victorian terrace will help them heal from a recent trauma.

Next door, Simone returns to her neglected council flat. Miserable and trapped, she struggles to take care of her children under the watch of her controlling husband Terry.

When childhood friend Sarah re-enters Veronica’s life, things are thrown even further off balance. As tensions in their own lives rise, the painful memory that binds them threatens to spill into their present.

Three lives collide in this story of family, inequality and revenge. 


Wow I loved this books about neighbours. We all know behind closed doors every neighbour leads a different life. 

Simone a smoker has got herself a job, but she knows her abusive controlling husband, Terry won’t be too pleased. Simone can’t understand what she did to make things go wrong, they have just had the worst fight that they have had in months and now that’s all she been thinking about. Poor Simone she seems to be blaming herself. Some women do blame themselves for the way their husbands treat them, but in reality it’s the husbands who can’t control their temper.  He’s already blasted Simone for looking at the rich neighbours. 

Teacher, Veronica and George lived in a posh house with high romantic headboard and wardrobes and bedside table in chic style of Louis XIV. At 3am Veronica and George can hear an abrupt sound of something thumping next door in Simone and Terry’s house with music blaring and a baby crying. Upset Veronica with listening to the baby next door is just what Veronica had longed for a baby. George isn’t to happy about the noise coming from Simone and Terry’s house,  after looking for a place for three months and planning six months of work, with all that money and there living next door to them kind of neighbours. 

At the school where Veronica works, she meets Sarah Beckham, now a  lawyer,  who was her best friend from when they twelve. Sarah looks posh in an elegant suit and hair a few shades lighter. Veronica is now Sarah’s daughter’s teacher. 

What happens when Veronica and Sarah meet much more is some that I’m keeping a guarded secret. 

Don’t miss this fabulous story of To Dare by Jemma Wayne. 

I would like to say a big thank you to Legend Press for sending me an early proof copy to read and review and for inviting me to take part in the blog tour today. 

About Author Jemma Wayne

Jemma Wayne was born to an American musician father, and English mother, London based author Jemma began her journalist career at The Jewish Cronicle. She now works freelance splitting time bee journalism, stage writing and prose. Jemma is an author with several national book award shortlistings and a strong background in journalism.
Twitter @writeJemmaWayne

Breakfast at Bronzefield Sophie Campbell 


Publisher Sophie Cambell Books published 22nd June 2020

HMP Bronzefield, the UK’s largest women’s prison: notorious for bent screws and drugs: 

But what’s the truth behind the headlines?

Forced into signing an NDA when she arrived there on remand, former public schoolgirl Sophie risked extra time on her sentence by documenting her experiences of life inside. 

Backed up by recent research and statistics, Breakfast at Bronzefield offers a powerful glimpse into a world few see: riots; unethical medical prescribing; and prison barons – key figures behind prostitution and drug-smuggling.

In a world where anything goes and being rehabilitated simply means saying ‘sorry’ right up until you’re released, how will Sophie cope on the outside, where she is expected to play by different rules? Will she succeed in creating the life she wants? Or, like most prisoners, will she end up back where she started ?


I’m drawn to reading memoirs, but Breakfast at Bronzefield was one the most very heartbreaking, account that I have read.  

I have read several other books about prisons, but never from a woman who has served time in a prison. 

The whole 368 pages was a page turner for me, it explained quite a few things that I didn’t even though happened. And I know that other readers will feel the way. 

I also think that Sophie Campbell was very brave to write her own memoir of her time in prison. It’s a well know fact that  women  in prison are rarely given the opportunity to write their own stories. I have to admit I was quite tearful at times all about what Sophie went through during her time in prison.

Sophie Campbell tells us what is like inside the UK’s largest female prison. 

Non-Disclosure and Invisible women examine the NDA that all women are made to sign   on arrival at HMP Bronzefield.

Sophie was half way through her social sciences degree she decided to write about her experiences as a remanded prisoner inside the UK’s largest female prison, HMP Bronzefield. 

When she signed up to do an extra module on philosophy and Mental Health, not realising until later that one lecture would be about female prisoners. If she had known this beforehand, she would never have enrolled. Sophie left prison determined never to look back. 

Sophie was sent to Bronzefield for GBH and one account of assault against police when the station at the police station later got out of hand. Sophie Campbell takes us through what really happened inside prison. I’m dreadful upset that prisoners are treated badly and can starve without given food. Sophie often mentions that she was hungry and worst still Sophie don’t think she had ever been so hungry as when she was in Bronzefield.

The prison cut corners feeding prisoners to save money. Breakfast was a cartoon of milk which was of more than it was on, and stale, child-sized portions of Rice Krispies or Corn Flakes, this is the most disgusting part the cereal, was served by Servery workers put into a blue plastic bowl using their hands. 

I praise Sophie for not being afraid and speaking out about certain situations to prison staff while being inside in the Bronzefield prison. 

What I find the most upsetting is that when Sophie left prison she was homeless and being left without any support what so ever, by the prison I find that very hard to digest, surely the prison services should find somewhere for her to live. I was saddened to learn that a lot of women  leave prison homeless. 

You must read Breakfast at Bronzefield as it’s a very rare read that offers what life is really like in prison for a woman. 

I recommend reading Breakfast at Bronzefield, through the way Sophie explains what goes on behind prison doors really educates you and opens up your eyes. There is so much that happens and Sophie Campbell will tell you everything. The book has been extremely well written with unfolding, unexpected and memorising events you won’t forget. 

I would like to say a very big thank you to Sophie Campbell for sending me her memoir in paperback. 

The Author’s Note

This is the work of creative non-fiction. The events are portrayed to the best of the author’s memory. While all the stories in this book are true, some names, identifiying details and the order of events as they occurred have been changed to protect the privacy of the people involved, including the author’s. 

The Babysitter Phoebe Morgan 


Paperback published by HQ 28th May 2020



It was the husband. It’s always the husband.

On the hottest day of the year, Caroline Harvey is found dead in Suffolk. Her body is left draped over a cot – but the baby she was looking after is missing.  

Hundreds of miles away, Siobhan Dillon is on a luxurious family holiday in France when her husband, Callum, is arrested by French police on suspicion of murder.


As Siobhan’s perfect family is torn apart by the media in the nation’s frantic search for the missing baby, she desperately tries to piece together how Callum knew Caroline.

What happened that night? Was Caroline as innocent as she seemed – or was she hiding a secret of her own?


I bought my own paperback for £4.50 in Tesco, it’s the best £4.50 I’ve ever spent. I was absolutely glued to every word, sentence, page, and chapter. I totally adored the mystery surrounding a murder.  

Although Phoebe Morgan has written 2 other books , The Babysitter is my only paperback  that I have read by Phoebe Morgan. 

I’m a great fiction reader of a husband having an affair.

Callum is a high powered well liked TV executive. All the women love him. Caroline Harvey gets to meet Callum, and they both begin an affair. 

Hold your breath, Callum’s wife Siobhan turned an blind eye to his affairs. 

Siobhan’s sister Maria owns a luxurious villa in France, and Siobhan, Callum and their daughter head of to France, with disastrous consequences. The French police turn up at Maria’s  villia and arrest Callum of Caroline Harvey’s murder  and a missing baby, and fly him back to England to be questioned by the English police. 

I recommend The Babysister by Phoebe Morgan to everyone, with its unexpected twists within a family that’s full of surprises. Here is everything you all will love in a crime novel,with a fantastic plot that keeps you guessing until the end. 

Phoebe Morgan is an author and editor. She studied English at Leeds University after growing up in the Suffolk Countryside. She edits commercial fiction for a publishing house during the day and writes her own books in the evenings. Phoebe lives in London.

She is the author of The Doll House and The Girl Next Door, and The Babysitter isher third book. 

Visit Phoebe Morgan at

Twitter @Phoebe_A _Morgan

Awakening of Spies Brian Landers Blog Tour


Awakening of Spies Brain Landers

Paperback published by RedDoor Press 25th June 2020

Thomas Dylan is an unlikely spy. Rejected by MI6 he joins the Ministry of Defence where his first mission is a total failure. Unexpectedly he is then sent to Rio de Janeiro to recover a submarine interrogator stolen from the US Navy. In Brazil he discovers that those supposedly on his side, MI6 and the CIA, have their own priorities and his life is not one of them.

A murderous game which began with the death of a British spy in Argentina is being played out in a city of sun, sea and secret police. When he comes face-to-face with the brutal realities of Brazil’s military dictatorship Dylan has to trust somebody. 
But who?

The only thing he knows for sure that the woman he wants to trust has been lying to him from the very beginning – should he take the risk?
This is a fast-paced thriller in the vein of John le Carré and Agatha Christie.


Wow! A first class spy thriller not to be missed. This is the first tale about a spy’s  that I truly loved everything about what happened during the story line. I now declare I’m a big fan of Brain Landers this because of his writing style that’s easy to follow page by page and what happening stage by stage.  

Awakening of Spies is set in the 1970s, it the first in a new series of espionage thriller novels featuring novice spies Thomas and Julia Dylan.  

Let me explain how the author delivered a page turning believeable no stopping story. 

Thomas Dylan had unhealthy interest in guns and shooting, he had considered a job with the Army. This was before he got the call from Ministry of Defence. This uncovers a new world for Thomas Dylan as they needed his help a linguist with an independent mind. His new job was within the secret world of British Intelligence the DIS in which he had enrolled with was second division.  All the exciting work was done by M16 attached to the Foreign Office, and at home by the M15 that was attached to the Home  Office. DIS was the poor relation, his job was also to analyse what others collected. Fearsome deeper trouble pumps up the action with the death a British Spy. And unsettling it is a woman who Thomas wanted to trust has been lying to him. 

I’m recommending Awakening of Spies The Dylan Series because the characters are full on buzzing with engery and the pace never let you go. 

For me this paperback just tops my list as an extraordinary spy drama all the way through. I’m still absolutely stunned how Brian Landers smart storytelling is.  I’m ready for more action by author Brain Landers. 

I must truly thank literallypr for sending me this truly amazing paperback to read and review and for very kindly inviting me to be part this fantastic blog tour today. 


Educated at Exeter University and London Business School Brian Landers’ first job was assisting a former Director General of Defence Intelligence and a motley collection of ex-spooks set up a political research unit in the City of London. The Dylan series of thrillers illustrates how the the world of espionage has changed since then.
As a director of Waterstones and later Penguin his love of books was rekindled. Brian Landers turned to thriller writing after his history of the American and Russian empires was published in the UK, USA and India. Empires Apart was described by the Midwest Book Review as remarkable, scholarly, and educational read. Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin now perfectly illustrate the author’s thesis that delusions of imperial grandeur are the recurrent themes of US and Russian history.

The author has lived in South and North America and various parts of Europe and has worked across the world from Lebanon to El Salvador. He was awarded an OBE in the 2018 Queen’s Birthday Honours List.

You can find Brian Landers on

You Don’t Know Me Sara Foster Blog Tour 


You Don’t Know Me By Sara Foster

Paperback published by Legend Press 30th June 2020

Lizzie Burdett was eighteen when she vanished, and Noah Carruso has never forgotten her. She was his first crush, his unrequited love. She was also his brother’s girlfriend.

Tom Carruso hasn’t been home in over a decade. He left soon after Lizzie disappeared under a darkening cloud of suspicion, and now he’s back for the inquest into Lizzie’s disappearance–intent on telling his side of the story.

As the inquest looms, Noah meets Alice Pryce on holiday. They fall for each other fast and hard, but Noah can’t bear to tell Alice his deepest fears. And Alice is equally stricken–she carries a terrible secret of her own.

He’s guarding a dark secret, but so is she.

My Review 

I’m so happy that Sara Foster’s new book You Don’t Know Me has been published by Legend press. It wil be a great pleasure to see Sara Foster books published more with Legend Press in the future.  

I got into this mystery straight away, because it’s one of those thrillers that I can’t let go of until I know for certain who did it. 

Lizzie Belhaven was a popular young girl who disappeared one winter’s night in 2006. 

Tom and Lizzie, seemed happy together. Lizzie had been in Tom’s life and in the eyes of his brother Noah, for a short six months and then without warning wasn’t. 

With taking this situation into account I had the strongest feeling that there must of been a bit of jealousy between brothers Tom and Noah.  Wickedly, Tom spent most of his childhood tormenting his brother Noah, 

 Twelve years ago Tom’s brother Noah had a secret crush on Lizzie. After reading that I became aware of what I was in for. Young Noah thought Lizzie was glorious, confident, and sassy. 

In to the story further more, Noah hadn’t known that were any problems between Tom and Lizzie until that final night, the last time Noah had seen her alive. He had been the only one to witness Lizzie’s anguish at Toms vicious fury. 

Tom never volunteers to talk about Lizzie to his family, and he only spoke the police when he had to. He had hidden from journalists who turned up at the school, but Tom declares he didn’t kill  Lizzie. 

It’s now twelve years on and after Lizzie disappeared Tom Carruso is coming home for the inquest into Lizzie’s death, he’s wants to tell his side of the story for the first time, as he is still protesting his innocence. 

This one of the most quite convincing stories that I have read just like in real life a family would want answers to a missing daughter or the death of a daughter. Here we see that Lizzie’s father wants answers and justice, of course someone knows what happened to his beautiful daughter. I felt the pain Lizzie’s father was going through, it’s difficult not to feel the wounds that have reopened for him.

With a few suspects, I couldn’t quite work out who killed Lizzie, although it was fair to say I pointed my finger at one particular character, but  I need disclosure of this jigsaw puzzl to see if I was right or wrong.

Noah falls in love with Alice in Thailand, but Alice has a terrible secret of her own, and Noah can’t bring himself to tell Alice his deepest fears. 

You Don’t Know Me by Sara Foster is the only book I have I have read, although Sara has written five other novels. 

I recommend reading You Don’t know Me, as I know you are good hands by this talented author, who has gripped readers with all characters lives and thoughts that keep will keep your attention drawn to each page.

I would like to thank Legend Press for sending gme this fantastic gripping paperback to review and for inviting me to be part of the blog tour today.


Twitter @SaraJFoster

Sara Foster is the bestselling author of five psychological suspense novels: THE HIDDEN HOURS, ALL THAT IS LOST BETWEEN US, SHALLOW BREATH, BENEATH THE SHADOWS, and COME BACK TO ME. 

Born and raised in the UK, Sara worked for a time in the HarperCollins fiction department in London, before turning her hand to freelance editing, and writing in her spare time.

It wasn’t until 2007 that Sara decided to pursue her dream of getting published, and she took time out from editing to finish her first book. COME BACK TO ME was published in Australia in 2010 and reached the Sydney Morning Herald top ten Australian bestsellers list. Her second book, BENEATH THE SHADOWS, reached No. 4 on the Australian Sunday Telegraph bestsellers list, and was published in the USA and Germany. Her third novel, SHALLOW BREATH, was long listed for the 2013 Davitt Award.

Sara is very proud to have been one of the original editors of the bestselling Kids’ Night In series, which has been raising money for the charity War Child since 2003. In 2004 she moved to Western Australia, where she lives with her husband and young daughters.

Midnight Twins Holly Race Blog Tour 


Midnight Twins by Holly Race

Paperback published by Hot Key Books

Fifteen-year-old Londoner Fern is about to uncover a place that she could not have imagined in all her wildest dreams. Annwn is the dream mirror of our world. But Anuwn is ful of dangers as it is wonders it’s a place where dreams and nightmares come to life.

Annwn is protected by an ancient order, and when Fern’s hated twin Ollie is chosen to join their ranks,  Fern will have to do whatever she can to prove she is one of them too.

With Nightmares becoming harder to defeat and something dark threatening both Annwn, snd our own world, Fern realises the real dangers we face in our sleep are far more terrifying than any nightmare. Because if you can influence someone’s dreams, you can control their thoughts .


Wow ! Midnight Twins is an exciting new fantasy debut novel by Holy Race, that is the first in a trilogy. 

Midnight Twins is extremely well written that just grabbed my attention right from the beginning. 

I think the reason this story held my full attention is because it is a rare splendid fantasy. 

I loved the front cover design by Sophie McDonnell with the two main characters twins Fern and Ollie. 

And what’s more this story will take you to a world where dreams and nightmares are born. 

Throughout reading Midnight  Twins I soon realised that is indeed about an epic world, that’s full of suspense and mystery. 

Fifteen year old Fern has a lot to deal with, her twin brother Ollie, hates her and their mother died in her sleep in their fathers arms. 

The mysterious part here is  Archimago and Fern were knights together in Annwn, but a search on the Internet for Annwn gives a link to The Truth About Your Nightmares. When Fern clicks on it a woman is saying Do you think you’re safe when you are asleep? Well think again. That’s scary as when we dream we hope our dreams will be safe. But phew!!  this is without question an excellent unusual fantasy fiction.

The knights aren’t just… Someone appears to be haunting Ferns dreams.

 I definitely recommend reading Midnight Twins as the story not just about mystery and suspense, but about friendship betrayal wonder and heartbreak.  

So much happens throughout reading this story that I believe if I was to say any more I would spoil the fun for you readers . 

I’m so hooked into this first instalment I’m really looking forward to reading the trilogy.

I would like to thank Faye Rogers at @fayerogerspr for helping me secure this wonderful book and for Hot Key Books for sending me Midnight Twins so I could be part of this exciting blog tour. 

About author Holly Race

Holly race works as a development executive in the film and TV industry, most recently with Aardman Animations. Holly is Faber Academy graduate, and Midnight Twins is her first debt novel and the first in a trilogy. After spending several happy years in East London, a few streets away from where Fern lives, she one resides in Cambridge with her husband, their daughter and a large poodle called Nymeria.

You can find Holly Race on her website

Call Me Joe Martin Van Es and Andrew Crofts


Paperback published by Red Door 4th June 2020

The world is on the brink of disaster 

The environment, society and mankind itself are facing extreme challenges in a world that is both more connected, and yet more divided than ever before. Fear and confusion seep into all parts of everyday life now, more than ever, the world needs one voice, one guide…

One day the Earth is plunged into darkness and when light appears again so does a man – call him Joe – claiming to be the son of God.

Can Joe bring the world’s most creative thinkers and leaders together to tackle the ills of mankind?

Can he convince us all to follow him before it’s too late?

In this compelling and prescient novel, Martin van Es and Andrew Crofts highlight the key concerns of our time and imagines a future where we, at last, all work together to ensure the future of our world and all the life that calls it home. 

My review 

The sun went down, suddenly Sophie was in darkness. She had responsibilities to the school and to the parents who entrusted the care of their children to her. Her duty was to safe guard the children. With the outside going black  The headmaster thought maybe it’s some sort of eclipse without any warning from the radio that morning. What was happening?  The whole world had gone dark, everyone around the world was experiencing the same blackness. Africa had no moon, no clouds. 

Major traffic pile-ups were happening in the few seconds between the sudden full of darkness.  Many major people like powerful government in the spotlight didn’t know themselves what was going on. 

Scientists and everyone were  searching for an explanation and soon mad theories began. 

Religious experts started debating saying the sun was a sign from God that mankind. And God stopped sun and the moon during the battle between the Israelites and the Amorites. 

We are all excited when we get an eclipse, but imagine during the day experiencing total blackness without any explanation. There is a lot more to this story with the world on the brink of disaster, but it’s a great one with a mixture of fiction, science fiction, even a bit of fantasy into the mix. 

I recommend Call Me Joe as this is a brave, story to write, with the easy flowing fact that readers can use their imagination and be able to picture the chaos all over the world of darkness.

 I  don’t want to spoil too much of what happens, but what I can tell you is that as the story progresses there is far more to draw your attention into this book much further. 

I would like to thank very much literallypr for sending me interesting throughout paperback Call Me Joe. 


Martin van Es is a Dutch entrepreneur, father and grandfather. Born in 1959, the youngest of three children, he studied clinical psychology in Groningen, but got distracted by partying and a permanent lack of money. 

Between 2013 and 2017, Martin was director and co-owner of a large, international group of packaging wholesale companies specialized in environmental issues. The role, as well as the birth of his first two grandchildren, have had a massive influence on Martin.
He started writing Call Me Joe in 2017, and asked Andrew Crofts, as a prolific ghostwriter, to join him as co-writer in 2019 to make the story the best it could possibly be. Martin hopes the book will provoke conversation, challenge the status quo, and encourage people to question more about what is happening in the world, to question their leaders, and to consider their role in the future of the planet. 

To find out more about Martin Van Es visit. 


Andrew Crofts is one of the world’s best known ghostwriters, having published around a hundred books, many of them bestsellers. Robert Harris quoted him extensively in his bestselling thriller ‘Ghost’ which was subsequently filmed with Ewan McGregor as the ghostwriter and Pierce Brosnan as a Tony Blair style ex-prime minister. Andrew has also published his own fiction, most recently “What Lies Around Us” and “Secrets of the Italian Gardener”, which both draw on his experiences ghostwriting for the powerful and wealthy.

You can find Writer Andrew Crofts on

Sacrifices Weston Kincade



Paperback published 22nd May 2017

Alex’s ghostly visions can save lives. But can they stop a drug czar from disrupting the peace and harmony of Tranquil Heights? 

Introduction by Scott Rhine, author of Jezebel’s Ladder 

For Alex Drummond trouble doesn’t come knocking, it kicks down the door and raids the refrigerator. War is brewing between moonshiners and a murderous drug kingpin. Cremated human remains are appearing everywhere. And now Alex’s family is in the middle of it all. To make matters worse, his son’s powers rival his own… as does his stubborn nature. Choices will be made. Laws will be broken. And morality will be questioned. Will Alex’s family survive the bloodshed? 

Psychometric powers combine in this thrilling battle for survival in Weston Kincade’s final book in the A Life of Death trilogy. The future of Alex’s hometown is at stake… but sacrifices must be made. 


I have had the most entertaining time reading all three trilogies books by Weston Kincade. I simply can’t get enough of them. I wonder if there is going to be another trilogy. 

Sacrifice Life Of Death is the third and final book in a set of trilogy, and delightful page turner, that’s buzzing with another cast of brilliant of characters and another crime waiting to be solved.

I’ve become a custom to Alex Drummond with his ghostly visions and finding the missing pieces to a murder in his own way.  

I loved the idea for the setting of A Life Death trilogy,  on Tranquil Heights based on a mountain town. If you get the chance to visit Tranquil Heights you may recognise a few features, although the author Weston Kincade did take some liberties.

It can honestly be said that when a father has a gift, like being an artist doing painting, or decorating, or being Doctor,  you would hope that your son would follow you and have the same abilities as you. 

Well , Alex strength of his gift lies totally with seeing ghostly visions, but his son Jamie had even more paranormal ability than him. The ability for Jamie to see things, confirms it was passed down from his father Alex. 

Evidently, brave Jamie can handle something going on at school without help from his dad. 

What I liked here in Sacrifice is that author always finds a different way to swiftly keep each book within the storyline moving in a direction that you can’t possibly know what’s going to happen next. 

Alex was on his way taking his son, Jamie to school, but the Tranquil Heights Police Department called Alex that something has been found on the train tracks. Although Jamie will be late for school, once his dad reaches the crime scene, Jamie wants to help. Alex is known for his ability to touch or hold something belonging to the decreased and find out more about how that person died. This part gave me the shivers.  Hector at the scene put a human eye socket in Alex’s hand, then the visions began. After six years with Alex working with Hector, he had grown accustomed to how Alex worked. 

The future of Alex’s hometown is at stake but sacrifices must be made.

I don’t want to spoil anyone’s who is interested in reading the final trilogy fun, but I can assure you that this is only the beginning of what Alex is about to accomplish after handling the human eye socket, there’s so much more that Alex, must be ready for and all you readers. Your all in for the final polished treat. 

What’s to look forward to psychometric powers combined in this thrilling battle for survival in Sacrifice the final book. 

If you like the sound of Alex in his police department with being able to touch or hold something and can tell how a person died,  maybe you could step it up and buy Sacrifice.

Although the trilogy Sacrifice has sadly come to the final one, and with now Weston Kincade being one my top authors . I want to read Strange Circumstances, by Weston Kincade with tempt fate, destroy destiny, demand retribution. the future’s a gamble, care to bet on your Side? This sounds just like my kind of next read. And If you like dark diversions from reality stories like I do, you maybe reading this too from Amazon. 

I would like to say a very big thank you to Weston Kincade for gifting me the amazing three books in the trilogy, you have given so much pleasure in reading on supernatural mysteries. It’s a shame the trilogy has come to an end. 


Weston Kincade is a bestselling writer of supernatural mystery and horror novels that stretch the boundaries of imagination, and often genres. His current series include the A Life of Death trilogy and the Priors. Weston’s short stories have been published in Alucard Press’ “50 Shades of Slay,” Kevin J. Kennedy’s bestselling seasonal anthologies, and others. He is a member of the Horror Writers Association (HWA) and helps invest in future writers while teaching. In his spare time Weston enjoys spending time with his family and friends, fishing, and playing board and roleplaying games like D&D.

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