Defense Of An Other Grace Mead


Defense of an Other begins in the French Quarter with a day in the life of a young lawyer named Matt Durant gone horribly awry. After a few beers, Matt works up the courage to visit a gay bar, where he meets a stranger named Joey Buckner. When Matt and Joey duck into an alley behind the bar to take a leak, three drunks target them for a hate crime and beat up Joey, which forces Matt to attack and kill one of the men. Matt is then arrested for murder, thrown in Orleans Parish Prison and calls his boss for help, forcing him out of the closet. The novel then follows the course of his trial and explores its consequences.

Defense of of an Other is the debut novel from a trans, practicing lawyer born and raised in Louisiana who graduated from Dartmouth College and then became the Editor in chief of the University of Chicago Law Review. Her 17 year old career has included a one year clerkship for the appellate court with jurisdiction over Louisiana federal trial courts and 16 years of civil litigation. Heavily influenced by political fiction like Bryce Courtenay’s The Power of One, in Defense of an Other southern storytelling meets the gritty legal realism of Law and  Order.

My review

I found Defense Of An Other is an unputdownable nail biting read. 100% recommend this book to crime fans or those who are interested in a lawyers world. Matt Durant who worked for a law firm finds himself arrested for murder. Matt didn’t even know that he had killed a man . He didn’t mean to kill the guy.  When three men are beating up his friend Joey, Matt stepped in without knowing how his own life would turn out.  With Matt Durant a lawyer, when he is questioned by police, Matt won’t speak to them without representation. How can they possibly charge Matt with first-degree murder?


About the author Grace Mead

Grace Mead grew up in Shrevenport, Louisiana. After college she went to the University of Chicago Law schoo, where she was Editor in chief of The University of Chicago Law Review. She then clerked for the Honorable Jerry . E. Smith of the United States Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit, which has jurisdiction over the federal trial courts in Louisiana, Mississippi and Texas. 

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