Magic Animal Cafe Robbie the Rebel Squirrel Stella Tarakson

Magic Animal Cafe Robbie the Rebel Squirrel by Stella Tarakson

Illustrations by Fabiana Attanasio

Paperback published by Sweet Cherry Publishing 8th September 2022

The 3rd book in the Magic Animal Cafe Series

Along with her best friend Blake, Ellie is desperately searching for answers about what happened to her great-grandfather years ago. But when they get caught up in the middle of an animal war in the local park, they have more pressing things to think about. Robbie the red squirrel and his clan are clashing with the bigger, meaner grey squirrels. As Robbie bravely stands up to the Greys, Ellie and Blake do their best to stop the squirrels from fighting and bring peace to the park.


There are 3 books in Magic Animal Cafe series. Book 1) Herriot the Caretaker, Book 2) Shazza the Homesick Cockatoo And now Book 3) Robbie the Rebel Squirrel.

Ellie’s mum is opening a new cat cafe. The building had been owned by Ellie’s grandfather who had been a vet. When he died Ellie’s mum took the building over.

Since Ellie and Blake found an old fashioned black telephone and dialling a number, they magically could talk to animals, but it’s one of Ellie’s and Blake’s secrets.

Ellie’s mums new cat cafe is nearly ready to open. Ellie takes the newspaper’s off the inside of the windows, and sees that her grandfather was in the paper but the newspaper is torn. All Ellie can make out is Local Vet committed to, but where is the rest of the newspaper?

Shazza a cockatoo that lives in the park needs some help, the park is being redeveloped.

A red squirrel takes the newspaper cuttings out of Blake’s hands.

A developer wants to buy Ellie’s mums building. The scary part is someone is playing with the old black telephone that gave Ellie and Blake their super powers to talk to all animals. This book

Magic Animal Cafe Robbie the Rebel Squirrel is ideal for all children who love a bit of magic and stories involving animals. The red and grey squirrels reminded me of the fabulous cartoon Alvin the Chipmunks. I think this series of Magic Animal Cafe books would make a lovely fun cartoon!

About author Stella Tarakson

Writing for kids is one of the most enjoyable things I’ve ever done. I love being transported to a simpler, brighter place where adult problems fade into the background and you see the world through the eyes of a child again. I’ve taken a bit of a break from fiction while writing educational books and mini-documentaries (which is also hugely enjoyable). But now I’m back!





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