The Notekeeper Hannah Treave

The Notekeeper By Hannah Treave

Paperback published by Canelo 12th January 2023

ISBN 9781804361290

The last few words don’t just help the dying, they can help save the lives of those left behind.

Following tragedy, Zoe flees Australian and makes a life for herself in the UK. Now working as a care nurse in The Oaks hospice, and knowing just how much comfort the lasts words can bring, Zoe has taken it upon herself to become a notekeeper writing down the final thoughts of her patients and delivering them to their loved ones.

Zoe’s new boss, Ben, isn’t happy about her getting so involved in the residents lives. But even as the two clash, they discover they have more in common than either could have imagined.

As Zoe learns to confront her past and her own grief, her heart can finally begin to mend. With the broken pieces slowly becoming whole, will she cope when her world is shattered once more?


I’m shouting loudly today I thoroughly enjoyed The Notebook by Hannah Treave with Zoe’s special care for all in the hospice where she works as a nurse.

I used to work in a residential care home, until it closed, I used to love chatting to residents with so many that led such interesting lives, I absolutely loved talking to all the residents, so I connected with Zoe working in a hospice.

After Zoe leaves her home place of Australia for the Uk, she moved in with single parent, Sarah’s house in Bath. As Zoe has settled in Bath in the Uk she takes up the position of being a nurse in The Oaks hospice.

I thought Zoe was right talking to the residents in the hospice, taking down notes of their last words, after all sometimes when people know they are dying there’s certain things that aren’t said in time. With Zoe’s idea, writing a letter for her patients, to give to their loved ones, I thought this was a really good idea as for who ever the letter is for it’s something they can to keep forever.

I didn’t think this was very nice of Zoe’s new boss at The Oaks hospice who is about to rock Zoe’s way of helping her patients. Ben wants Zoe to stop writing the letters. With Zoe taking down her patients last words is Zoe’s way of helping the people she has cared for to the end of their life.

I think it was rude of Ben to give Zoe a verbal warning after all Zoe was one of the best nurses that The Oaks hospice have.

Karen a nurse has had enough of Ben and Zoe not getting along she wants Zoe to take Ben on a visit he has to make, in hope that it would heal their rift. I agreed with Karen, because if two people are to work together in the same place, they need to be able to talk things out.

A letter arrives for Zoe from her husband, he wants a divorce, it seems right that they should divorce as they both live on the other side of the world, Zoe being in the UK, and her husband still living in Australia.

I loved how the story takes a twist with Ben opening up about his feelings for Zoe.

The story digs deeper with Zoe Evans and her husband divorce and the pain of losing a child together.

I never thought the story would go this way about Ben and Zoe. I expected Ben and Zoe to get married or live together.

Now to add to Zoe’s heartbreak she has to put on a brave face when Ben needs to see a specialist. I loved the ending believing that Zoe did the right thing.

The notekeeper is a special sad story at times, with tissues that I need plenty off, but an awarding one at the same time. This is why I highly recommend you all to put The Notekeeper on your reading list, as I know everyone of you readers will enjoy it so much.


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