I Saw What He Did Kemi Estephane Blog Tour



ISBN 9781915229144

Pages 246

Ren Shephard is at a comfortable crossroads. Enjoying the temporary freedom of her recent redundancy, her life revolves around her cherished friendship, sporadic communication with her unconventional parents and occasionally bailing her errant sister out of trouble.

However, when she signs up for an online writing course, she meets a group of people who will impact her in unimaginable, unexpected and tragic ways.

When a gruesome murder takes place during one of the lessons, Ren becomes embroiled in a dangerous and terrifying sequence of events.

With the police stonewalling and Ren overtaken by a desperate urge to find the truth and justice for the victim she uncovers some shocking and mystifying evidence that sends her word spiralling out of control, whilst simultaneously placing her life in jeopardy.


Today I’m giving my biggest shout out! Don’t miss this page- turning thriller, I Saw What He Did.

The story starts of like a contemporary read, twisting into a murder.

Two great friends. Wanderlust parents. A problematic sister.

You witness a fatal attack online. Your life may be in danger. But who can you trust?

Well I honestly couldn’t put this thriller down, it’s one if the best thrillers I’ve read in a very long time.

Ren Shephard meets up with her friends, that have very different situations in life. Ren had just retired from being a university lecturer and had split up from her boyfriend. Lex had found out her husband is having an affair. Kizzy has a baby’s and wants to go back to work.

Ren’s Faye is in trouble where good hearted Ren helps her sister.

A one bedroom flat is home for Ren, when she decided to do an online writing course she witnessed a murder, only one other person on the writing course see the murder.

The writing instructor won’t take charge of the murder that happened to one of the fellow budding writer.

Ren takes matters into her own hands trying to solve who the murder is. But as everyone can be seen in the online writing zoom course, could the murderer of seen Ren ?

I absolutely loved every minute of this thriller, and I know you all will do too, that’s why I highly recommend reading I Saw What He Did.

I would like to thank kaleidoscopic tours for arranging for this paperback to be sent to me and for the invite for the I Saw What He Did blog tour.


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